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Mar 06 2018
by Shelby Lenhart

Freshmen Test the 3 Newest Eyebrow Trends

By Shelby Lenhart - Mar 06 2018
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It's nearly impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed or Snapchat Discovery story without finding some mention another unique eyebrow trend. Eyebrows have been a constantly evolving facet of beauty for as long as cosmetics have been available. From the long, pencil-thin arches of the 1920's to the natural brows that have made a stake in the current beauty community. Eyebrows are a quintessential part of the makeup routine. 

A new trend has begun to emerge called the "Fishtail Brow," which involves making an artificial slash through the tail of the brow, and redrawing the other side to point upwards, resulting in an eyebrow that looks somewhat like a fishtail. Other trends like the bleached and shaved-brow looks have made their ways onto the faces of popular Instagram beauty gurus. 

Since fashion and appearance are very prevalent in New York life, I selected a few of my friends to test these looks and respond to them. Each person selected two out of the three potential eyebrow looks to test and discuss. Of the three looks, there were the Fishtail Brow, the Shaved/Bleached Brow and the "Natural" Brow with extra hairs. 

1. The Fishtail Brow

Photo by Oliwia Aftyka @oliwiaaftyka on Instagram

Morgan was brave enough to try this trend, after being shown several pictures of the style by online makeup artist Lauren Elyse. She was given concealer, brow product, and brushes. Throughout the process, she remained skeptical that it would look nice, initially making a face at the first picture.

"It looks weird, I don't know how good it's going to look," she admitted. 

As she continued to apply the brow product, there was a gradual warming up to the idea. Once the shape started to appear, she noted, "it's actually starting to look pretty cool."

When it was done, Morgan was more surprised than she had been before. 

"I'm really surprised," she said. "I didn't like them but honestly they look really cool. I wouldn't wear them every day, but I'd definitely wear them for a night out, like to a club. I really like it." 

Katy was the second person to try the look. Upon first glance, she said, "it's kind of weird. I honestly hate it." 

However, while applying the brow, she stated, "It's growing on me."

When it was finally done, Katy, just like Morgan, had grown to appreciate the look a little more, concluding, "I personally wouldn't do it, but I'd respect anyone who would. Especially if it's well done." 

Michelle also selected this style of eyebrow.

"It looked artsy, but I'm a novice so it was a little difficult," she said. "It was interesting to attempt, but I felt really defeated because it was difficult for me. I appreciate the look. If I could get it right, I'd definitely incorporate it into a costume first and then try to wear it outside."

2. The Shaved or Bleached Brow

Photo by Lauren Elyse @laur_elyse on Instagram

This look has been popularized on the runway, as well as by Lauren Elyse. Covering the eyebrow is a technique often used by drag queens to create a fresh canvas upon which to draw an entirely new eyebrow. The bleached brow and the shaved brow (also called the "bald brow") are often seen together, as people will either bleach their brows, or, if they do not want to commit to that, will cover it instead. 

Covering the brow requires using a non-toxic glue stick, a spoolie, setting powder, concealer and a beauty sponge. The brow hairs must first be brushed flat and glued down. Next, the glue must be set. After that, the brow must be fully covered with the concealer. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary until the hairs are covered. 

Morgan was brave enough to attempt this look, but, from start to finish, was not a fan. 

"I really don't think I like it," she admitted, looking in the mirror. "It's all lumpy because of the glue, and it took forever to cover my eyebrow hair because it's so dark. I definitely think some people can pull it off, but I don't really like it."

Katy, like Morgan, was also not a fan.

"I never liked it before, and I still don't. It looks weird on me, and not in a good way. I just don't get why someone would willingly erase their eyebrow." 

3. The "Natural" Brow

Photo by Lauren Elyse @laur_elyse on Instagram

While there are no set pictures to clearly define this "natural" eyebrow look (also called the "Beast Brow"), it is modeled after a more dense-looking natural brow that enhances all of the hairs that would typically be plucked, waxed, or threaded in an "Instagram style" eyebrow. 

Michelle was the only one brave enough to try this look, and definitely had more than a few thoughts on it. 

"It looks very easy to do as I'm someone with long brow hairs, but once I saw it on myself I felt like it was a little off, which I guess was expected from a new brow look, but I was definitely taken aback."

As she finished the look and gave her final response, she said, "I would probably not wear this again. It's weird having all my hairs up, it feels like my makeup is just off."

The Consensus

The Fishtail Brow is the obvious first choice, as all three participants agreed that it is not only the most wearable look, but one that genuinely looks good. The "Natural" Brow (or the Beast Brow) was the least popular choice, as it was only selected by one person who stated that it was not something she would wear again. The Shaved Brow was also relatively unpopular, although Morgan rightfully pointed out that there are certainly some people who could make this trend look stylish. 

Eyebrows are a unique part of any look, and whether you choose to let them grow naturally, wax them, shave them off or fill them in any way you like, they are an individual expression. With the rapid rising and falling of trends, it is interesting to be able to try different looks and to participate in the social aspect of makeup and feel a part of the trend, whether or not it is one that you will continue to wear.

In the end, it is important to understand that the purpose of makeup is to make you feel however you want, not to make you uncomfortable about your appearance. So continue to rock the trends you enjoy, and don't be afraid of trying new ones, as they might genuinely surprise you. 

Lead Image Credit via Pexels

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Shelby Lenhart - Marymount Manhattan College

Shelby is a freshman at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. She is getting her BA in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Playwriting.

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