It seems like on every social media, someone is posting a picture of a minimalist page of a poetry book—a few words of black ink on a page accompanied by a small, pretty illustration. Are you in love with what you've been seeing? Here is a list of six inspirational poets to fill your feed with even more beautiful words!

1. Button Poetry

Image via @buttonpoetry on Instagram

Button Poetry, @buttonpoetry on Instagram, is one of the most unique poetry accounts on Instagram. Their account features the works of various performance and slam poets, as opposed to being an account of just one artist. They post videos of live poetry performances, images of short poems and information about where to purchase the published works of many of their featured artists. Having a wide array of poets to choose from allows for varied content and can help you find your new favorite writer as well!

2. Atticus 

Image via @atticuspoetry on Instagram

Atticus, or @atticuspoetry, is your quintessential Instagram poet. Thoughtful, dark and romantic, his short poems are incredibly popular and nicely formatted to imitate black ink on white paper. The poems are written in a traditional typewriter font common to many Instagram poets. Some poems are overlaid on top of images of the moon, of couples, or minimalist drawings of forest treelines. 

3. Monica Ricketts

Image via @poetrybymonica on Instagram

Monica Ricketts, known as @poetrybymonica on Instagram, is an up-and-coming poet. Her poems are much longer than the more popular short poems, but they are just as moving. Her poems are posted in full on her page, in a signature typewriter font and are all given titles. At present, she has less than 200 followers, but has posted videos of her poems being performed on her YouTube channel, which is linked in her Instagram biography. She publishes poems like "Room Service" and "Drinking Coffee Alone" and creates a beautiful and distinct style. 

4. Lacey Ramburger

Image via @laceypaigeramburger on Instagram

Lacey Ramburger (@laceypaigeramburger) is a hidden gem poet on Instagram. Unlike many other poets on Instagram, Lacey physically prints her poems and takes stunning photos of her poems in the woods, over scarves, next to charms and in various other incredibly aesthetic locations. With under 3,000 followers on Instagram, her poems, which discuss love and trying to understand oneself, are highly relatable. Her poems are often from her published book, "Being Whole," so be sure to check that out as well!

5. Amina Mehmood

Image via @thechasingwriter on Instagram

Looking for even more short poetry to grace your feed? What about traditional, long poems? Free verse? Amina Mehmood, known as @thechasingwriter on Instagram, posts a broad range of poems in different styles, as well as in different fonts. She switches between the standard classic font to the equally beloved brushed calligraphy style to keep her feed beautiful and artistic. She, like many other poets, avoids monotony by adding images of nature, drawings and pictures of herself to make the account feel more intimate and less sterile. 

6. Rupi Kaur

Image via @rupikaur_ on Instagram

You've seen dozens of pictures on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter of a short poem on a white page with a simple drawing on it. "Milk and Honey," as well as "The Sun and Her Flowers" have made up a large portion of our feeds and has even spawned parody books such as "Milk and Vine," so why not follow the woman behind it all? Rupi Kaur's verified Instagram, @rupikaur_, features her trademark short poems and unique drawings paired with pictures of the gorgeous, inspiring woman who writes them. Her poems are about the experiences of love, loss, motivation and being a woman. 

Poetry is one of the most powerful uses of language available to people, and is becoming increasingly popular in modern popular culture. From printed collections of short poems to entire performances dedicated to slam poetry, it is evident that poetry is here to stay, so be sure to fill your feed with these incredibly talented poets and performers. 

Lead Image Credit: Dustin Lee on Unsplash