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Dec 19 2017
by Shelby Lenhart

6 College Students Share Their Favorite Holiday Movie

By Shelby Lenhart - Dec 19 2017

Since Christmas is almost here and many of us are returning home for the holidays, it's the perfect time to curl up on the couch under a mountain of blankets and watch as many holiday movies as you can handle. Need suggestions? We asked several college students their favorite holiday movies before they went home.

1. "The Holiday"

Why "The Holiday"? Flynn, a college freshman in New York says, "it's a unique story, the characters have depth and it's a feel-good holiday film." 

"The Holiday" is a romantic comedy released in 2006 about two women who choose to swap houses in the wake of romantic loss. As they adapt to their temporary lives in a new country (an American woman in England and an English woman in America), they each begin to fall in love with someone in their new home. The movie stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law.

2. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" 

Who could forget this terrifying and hilarious 2000 live-action remake of the classic Dr. Seuss story? Jim Carrey terrorizes the town of Whoville as The Grinch in a display of his total repulsion of Christmas. Reviews on the film have been generally mixed since its initial release, but the film has an impressive cult following.

"It's bad, which makes it good," explains Carol, a college freshman in Philadelphia.

3. "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

While Tim Burton himself, the creator of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," has officially stated that this creepy blend of Halloween and Christmas is officially a Halloween film, that does not stop many people from feeling that it is still, also, a Christmas movie. The stop-motion animated picture about Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, discovering Christmas and yearning to bring it to the world of Halloween is arguably one of Tim Burton's most famous works. 

So why does this student feel that it's the perfect Christmas movie? 

"I spent the first 17 years of my life not celebrating Christmas. It's a good movie. The animation is really cool, I love the music and the characters," says Nina. 

4. "A Christmas Story"

Another student, Katy, had a hard time narrowing down her list, but ultimately said, very firmly, "A Christmas Story." 

She says, "My family and I watch it at least once during the holiday season, so it has sentimental value. I also think it's hilarious. It just gets me into the Christmas spirit! My family and I reference the movie a lot, so we say 'fudge' like Randy did. And my mom will threaten to put soap in my mouth. It's a good time."

This classic Christmas comedy was released in 1983 and follows a young boy, Randy, and his holiday mishaps in the pursuit of the perfect Christmas gift. 

5. "The Year Without a Santa Claus" 

This movie is an ABC Family (now Freeform) "25 Days of Christmas" favorite. The family-friendly film was released in 1973, based on a children's book of the same title and plot. The second stop-motion film on this list, the movie depicts the outcome of Santa going on vacation and trying to figure out whether people still believe in him or not. 

When Michelle was asked why she liked it, she answered, "I love the claymation, the cheesy characters and the innocent plot. It just screams classic Christmas movie to me." 

6. Staff Writer Pick – "The Polar Express"

Undoubtedly, many of us remember watching this movie as an elementary school, or even middle school student on the day before break. This movie conjures up so many memories from childhood and paired with the plot of the magic of youth and belief, it becomes impossible to disassociate this movie with the holiday season. With beautiful animation, a heartfelt plot and golden vocals by Josh Groban in the iconic song "Believe," the movie is a staple of Christmas and the holidays. 

While this list features no "holiday" movies that aren't Christmas-related, it still lists the movies that are synonymous with "the holidays" to many college students. These movies are ones that make us laugh, cry and get close to our families when it's the coldest outside. From Grinches to trains and all holiday images in between, grab a pair of fuzzy socks and get watching!

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Shelby Lenhart - Marymount Manhattan College

Shelby is a freshman at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. She is getting her BA in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Playwriting.

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