On Saturday, Natalia Aponte of Florida downloaded the Tinder app to “see what all the hype was about.” As she began swiping, she came across Jared, whose goal was to steal her heart but ended up making her a viral sensation.

“I found Jared on Sunday and thought he was hilarious,” the 17 year old said. “I automatically sent it to my friends and they loved it too, so I knew I had to post it on Twitter.”

The tweet went viral and allowed Natalia and her match, Jared, to grow only closer. Natalia assures that the tweet was only a joke and the two are in shock about how popular they became.

“It’s absolutely insane,” the Fivay High School student said. “I never expected the tweet to get this big and I almost can’t believe that this is real life. We’re just two teenagers from Florida, you know?”

Publications like Daily Mirror, The Independent and GQ France have contacted the pair. Additionally, many have reacted on Twitter to the creative way to get a match’s attention.

It even warranted a high school friend of Jared to shed some light on what he was like before internet fame.

Natalia says that the two Snapchat and she has his number. They talk about how surreal this experience has been and how much they have been recognized since the tweet blew up.

When asked about whether or not the two will meet in real life, Natalia played it cool.

“There’s no plans set right now, but you never know!”

Lead Image Credit: Twitter