If you're a summer baby, you know this song all too well. If you're a Fall/Winter/Spring baby, count your blessings. Summer birthdays are a blessing and a curse. For one, you've never had to go to school on your birthday but you never got to bring in cupcakes for your friends and celebrate during class. Take a look at some of the struggles that us summer babies go through every year.

1. Being a year older or a year younger than everyone in your grade.


Our parents all had an extremely hard decision to make, put us in school earlier or later. It was a decision that would affect us for the rest of our educated life. Will you be an old sophomore or a young junior? 

2. Never knowing if anyone can come to your birthday because it's prime vacation time


We can't blame our friends for going to Disney World, but it is a pain to have to plan a party around when your best friends will be in town. If you did have a party, it would always be beached themed.

3. Having to celebrate your half birthday in school because you weren't in school for your birthday

Nothing was weirder than being celebrated at school only to come home with no special dinner or presents. It's not our fault we were born in the summer months!

4. Missing out on getting your locker/dorm decorated

But... I kind of wanted embarrassing pictures of myself posted on my locker door so everyone knew that I once loved The Backstreet Boys more than my family pet.

5. Once you get to college, never having your friends with you to celebrate


You'll come home to a couple of high school friends to celebrate with, but your school friends will be miles away. Also, never being able to go to dinner at the cute restaurants around campus. I guess it's back to celebrating half birthdays.

6. People forget your birthday


Not being in school during your birthday means that you can't update people that your birthday is coming up as casually. Sending birthday texts can be weird, like "hey by the way my birthday is next week." I promise we're not expecting a surprise party, we just don't want to be forgotten.

7. The lack of Facebook/Twitter Messages is ASTONISHING


You would be surprised how much it differs from a spring to summer birthday. Everyone is outside enjoying the weather, we can't blame you for that.



No one knows it's not your birthday because you're not in school. Excuse me? I am the birthday queen please say Happy Birthday and serve me cake.

In the end it's not all bad, I mean, there is cake. Just think when you're older... destination birthdays!


Lead Image: Pexels.com