Penn State is investigating the posting of anti-Greek life posters on campus. The posters were first seen this morning in a building on campus.

After the posters were found, they were reported on campus.

Penn State Greek life is not allowed to speak to press sources during this time; however, a few students agreed to speak anonymously concerning the posters.

One student in Greek life said: "I feel really unsettled that this stuff is going around and is honestly pretty shocking. I think this a very one-sided way of looking at Greek life."

Another member is frustrated with Greek life itself but is disappointed in the creator of this poster.

"I understand that people are upset about the recent scandals with Greek life at Penn State, but this is just so wrong," they said. "There's so many sides and perspectives that haven't been represented during this semester. It's upsetting to see Greek life portrayed like this."

The posters come after the recent Greek life scandal when Timothy Piazza died in an on-campus fraternity a few months ago.

Since then, Greek life has a new set of rules including no Fall 2017 rush, no alcohol at parties unless guests are 21, certified bartenders and a limited number of parties each semester.

Lead Image Credit: Abbey Drey