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Mar 15 2017
by Sarina Santiago

6 Last-Minute Things To Do on a Snow Day

By Sarina Santiago - Mar 15 2017
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Spring break is right around the corner for some of us, but that isn't stopping the east coast snow storm this week. Put away your sunscreens and swimsuits, because the weather won't adjust to your spring break excitement. Instead of locking yourself alone in your room, however, make the most out of the snow day with these last minute activities.

1. Sled down a hill.

Who said you can't relive your favorite childhood activity in college? If you don't have a sled on hand, simply borrow dining hall trays and slide down a hill!

2. Make homemade hot cocoa with friends.

Gather your friends and make your own hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream.

3. Play board games.

A snow day is a great excuse to bond with your friends since there's nowhere for them to go. Put away all your electronic devices and play the classic Monopoly or Risk.

4. Host a snowball fight with friends.

Is it even a snow day if you don’t have a snowball fight?

5. Make a fort and watch movies.

Grab your cozy blankets and pillows and invite your friends to watch movies all day.

6. Have a karaoke party.

Put on a karaoke playlist and sing loudly to classic hits. This will surely make for an exciting day, and bonus points if you manage to sing outside in the snow. 

After the snow storm has passed, you'd wish that there could be another one just so you could do all of these things again. Remember to be safe and enjoy the day!

Lead Image Credit: Sarina Santiago

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Sarina Santiago - Boston University

Sarina is in Boston University Class of 2020 and is currently studying Business Administration and planning to minor in Communications. Sarina is originally from the Philippines but has lived in Indonesia and Malaysia. Sarina speaks four languages and is obsessed with corgis!

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