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Aug 25 2015
by Sarah Lisanby

7 Latin Phrases Every Student Should Know

By Sarah Lisanby - Aug 25 2015

1.  Quid Agis

Next time you want to greet your floormates, consider using this Latin phrase for "what's up".  They'll totally think you're hip.

2. Cui Bono?

Literally meaning "who benefits," this phrase is used to imply that whoever has most to gain is probably the culprit.

3. Auribus Teneo Lupum

Ah the college student's motto. Translating literally to "holding a wolf by the ears," this phrase is used to describe any situation which is unsustainable, i.e. partying till three when you have class at eight, binging an entire season of parks and rec in one weekend when an essay is due Monday; you get the point.,

4.  Et Tu, Brute?

"And you, Brutus?" This saying was coined in Shakespeare's Caesar, and it has since been adapted to express utter betrayal at the hands of an ally. This is an excellent phrase to utter when your roommate eats the last of your left over Chipotle, or when that one cool professor actually assigns homework.

Julius Caesar, Metro-Golywyn Mayer

5. Cogito, Ergo Sum

"I think, therefore I am." Your years in college are spent fostering The Life of The Mind; don't forget to question your beliefs and branch out to try new things.

6. Quid Pro Quo

We've all heard this phrase, and most of us have pretended to know what it means. Literally "this for that," this saying means an equal trade of two services or items. 

Silence of The Lambs, Strong Heart/Demme Production, Orion Pictures

7. Ad Hominem

"To attack the man,"  is a phrase used to describe one of the many logical fallacies that often submerge in debates (and English class). Basically this is used when a person attacks their opponent rather than address the question/problem at large. Read: any tweet by Donald Trump ever.

Donald's response to Megyn Kelly, who called him out on his sexist behavior . News Hound (

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Sarah Lisanby - Northwestern University

Sarah Lisanby is a freshman studying pre-med at Northwestern University. She loves all things related to world travel, human anatomy, and track and field. Oh and she's really afraid of moths.

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