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Mar 25 2017
by Sarah Hunt

7 Freshman Year 'Necessities' I Still Haven't Used In College

By Sarah Hunt - Mar 25 2017

It's been over half a year, for most freshmen, since move-in day, with mini-vans full of items for our dorms. At the time, I thought I needed everything or I would die living in a dorm. While I've used the majority of items I brought, there are a few that I haven't used at all.

1. Steamer

I thought I would be going to interviews and important meetings every other week, and therefore, I would need a steamer to steam my clothes. However, I have yet to open the box. 

2. Medicine

Sure, some medicine is great to have. However, I brought enough medicine to stock a small pharmacy. From headache medicine to vitamin C tablets, there's a good chance I have it. Next year, I'm only bringing a bottle of Advil and maybe some Sudafed.

3. First Aid Kit

Every single freshmen website said to get a first aid kit, but I have yet to use mine. Bandaids may be a necessity for some people, but an 85 piece first aid kit? Not so.

4. Fan

While a fan may be necessary if you don't have an AC unit, if your dorm has one, it isn't worth bringing to campus.

5. Books

First off, I do not have a lot of free time to read. Secondly, any book that you can imagine is probably at a library on campus. The books on my shelf simply look like sad decorations.

6. String Lights

Sure, they are pretty. However, it is a hassle to turn them on and off, so they simply stay off.

7. Extra Clothes and Shoes

I brought way too many clothes and shoes. Some shoes haven't even left the spot where I put them on move in-day. 

While some items on this list may be necessary for some college students, they weren't for me. As experienced freshmen, on next year's move-in day, we will know what to bring (hopefully).

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Sarah Hunt - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Sarah Hunt is a hopeful Nursing major at UNC Chapel Hill. She enjoys theatre and her shih tzu. Follow her twitter for encouraging, but sassy tweets @XoSmHXo2016 .

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