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Sep 11 2016
by Sarah Hunt

6 Reasons Why I Don't Party in College

By Sarah Hunt - Sep 11 2016

There is a belief around high school and college campuses that to “fully” experience college you need to spend countless nights at different parties drinking out of a mysterious bowl. While each person has to decide if they will party or not, here are my reasons why I don’t party.

1. Aversion of Crowds

I hate crowds. The thought of being crammed in a small space with people I don’t know, blaring music and the smell of alcohol makes my skin crawl. I would much rather be with my friends watching Stranger Things.

2. Time

In high school I thought time went by fast; however, college has proven that time is always slipping away. After classes, homework and various clubs, I barely have time to FaceTime my friends, much less take time to get ready and go out.

3. Sleep

Oh sleep. Beautiful, wonderful sleep. Maybe I’m secretly a senior citizen, but I love sleep. Considering that most parties don’t start till after 10 P.M., I would have to sacrifice my beauty sleep for a night I may have hated or wouldn’t remember anyways.

4. Admissions

For those of us in highly competitive fields such as journalism, business and nursing, at most colleges you have to apply to those schools around your sophomore year. Breezing through college saying, “C’s get degrees,” isn’t accurate for us. Essays, GPA and extracurriculars are all judged by admissions officers. Going to a party instead of studying for a test the next day could be the difference in changing your major or celebrating later.

5. Too Much Risk

Everyone has heard horror stories of students needing urgent medical care or being left alone by their friends while in need of care due to having too much alcohol. Along with possible expulsion if caught drinking underaged, the risk of one night of fun is less valuable than being healthy and attaining a college degree.

6. Respect

In high school I dreamed of going to UNC Chapel Hill; I worked endlessly to make sure I had the best application possible. I didn’t spend countless days studying to waste it away partying. Besides that, I’m privileged enough to have family members paying for my college. They aren’t paying for me to party, they are paying for me to have the best education possible and to one day change the world around me. I have multiple people that believe I can do anything, and I wouldn’t want to lose their trust. As a future nurse, I believe my patients would rather have a nurse that spent her nights studying about possible treatments rather than playing beer pong.

While partying is a part of college life, you don’t have to partake in it. It doesn’t make you “lame” or “boring,” it simply means you find other means to have a good time. I find joy in puppies, Greek food and spontaneous adventures. However, if you choose to party, be safe, have a group of friends to watch over you and if you drink always watch how it was made. 

Lead Image Credit: Jack Daniels Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

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Sarah Hunt - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Sarah Hunt is a hopeful Nursing major at UNC Chapel Hill. She enjoys theatre and her shih tzu. Follow her twitter for encouraging, but sassy tweets @XoSmHXo2016 .

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