When I tell people I'm a pre-nursing major, I'm met with a response of either awe or confusion. Often, people will ask me, "So, you don't want to be a doctor?" Not only is this question somewhat offensive, as it undermines the work of nurses, I always have the same answer: no, I don't want to be a doctor, and here are my reasons why.

1. Time 

There are many different ways to become a nurse, from two-year programs to the traditional four-year BSN plan. Once I finish my undergraduate degree, I'll be able to immediately enter the medical field. However, to become a doctor, one must complete an undergraduate degree, four years of medical school and then a residency program. Altogether, this can take upward of eleven or more years! 

2. Debt

While many students struggle with undergraduate debt, medical school debt is another ball game. According to CBS News, the average doctor's debt after medical school is roughly $166,750! Could you imagine what you could buy with 200 grand?

3. Speciality

Most doctors specialize in one field, such as orthopedics or pediatrics. While being able to work only on something you love is awesome, if one finds a new passion it is often difficult and costly to change. However, nurses can change their specialties relatively easy, as it may only take an extra month to change from geriatric care to pediatric care. 

4. Patient Care

Doctors and nurses are important parts of patient care, but doctors aren't able to spend as much time with patients as nurses are able to. Therefore, late night conversations about March Madness while charting will often occur with a nurse rather than a doctor. 

5. Responsibility 

While nurses and doctors are both responsible for the care of patients, doctors are responsible for making life changing decisions, such as a high risk surgery. Due to this responsibility, doctors are often the ones to blame if something goes wrong that could have been prevented. 

Both doctors and nurses are needed in the medical field, and both do amazing work. However, nursing is my calling. While being a nurse isn't all rainbows and sunshine, it is a rewarding career that I can't wait to be a part of one day.

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay