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Dec 13 2017
by Sarah Diggins

5 Stores With The Best Holiday Pajamas

By Sarah Diggins - Dec 13 2017

With this time of year comes the dreaded word: finals. What used to once be the most wonderful time of the year has become the most stressful time of year for college students around the nation. Why not take a little break from all the studying and the furious typing to just cuddle up in a cozy pair of holiday pajamas and watch Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas? The only problem is that with all of your studying, you've forgotten to buy the perfect pair of winter pajamas. You're in luck! We've found the best places to get the cutest, coziest, most festive pajamas to keep you in the spirit all season long.

1. Target

Women's Peanuts 2pc Pajama Gift Set, $24.99,

We could never forget this classic! Target has a strong pajama game year round that is only enhanced this time of year. From ensembles featuring your favorite Disney characters to their iconic onesies, you can't go wrong with good old Tar-jay. Buy the set pictured above here

2. Old Navy

Printed Flannel Sleep Pants For Women, $7,

The best word I can use to describe Old Navy's holiday pajamas this year is cute! With their adorable animal prints, I couldn't bear not picking up a pair of their pajama pants for myself this year! Find the pajama pants pictured above in the dog print here

3. Tipsy Elves

Women's Checkered Chanukah Jumpsuit, $59,

If you want some pajamas that are completely unique (and you aren't afraid to be a little extra), then check out Tipsy Elves. Home to Hanukkah onesies and sweaters, as well as onesies and sweaters for several other holidays throughout the year, such as Halloween and St. Patrick's Day. Find this Hanukkah onesie here

4. Kohl's

Junior's Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Costume One-Piece, $22.99,

Like Target, Kohl's is a classic option with a ton of adorable options to choose from. Kohl's is also very college budget friendly! Find this fun Rudolph onesie here

5. Amazon

Leveret Women's "Fitted Striped & Printed Christmas Pajama Set Top and Pants 100% Cotton, $19.99-$24,

When all else fails, head to Amazon! If you can't find them anywhere else, it's likely that Amazon is home to the pajamas of your dreams. With their speedy delivery, you'll be all cozy before you know it! Find this pajama set here

Your perfect pair of cozy holiday jammies are out there, you just have to find them! Happy shopping and more importantly, happy holidays! 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels 

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Sarah Diggins - Ithaca College

18, NJ native, freshman at Ithaca College. Ravenclaw with Gryffindor tendencies (so basically she's Luna Lovegood). Avid Family Feud watcher. Catch her on instagram and twitter @thebookofsarah.

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