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Oct 24 2017
by Sarah Diggins

7 Things Every Writing Major Knows To Be True

By Sarah Diggins - Oct 24 2017

Writing. You either love it or you hate it. It might sound crazy to those who say they hate it, but there are some people out there that are crazy enough to declare it as their major! In my experience, I've found the major really is not as common as you would think, so the things that occur as when it is your major can be quite interesting…

1. You have the name of your favorite book and a short oral essay on what you liked about it ready to go at all times. 

As soon as someone finds out that you are a writing major, they automatically assume that you are a voracious fiction reader. More often than not they are correct, but this often leads to a discussion of books from a writer's standpoint whether it be in class with a professor or a casual conversation with another student. Of course, I don't mind having such conversations, so I've engrained "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak in my mind to be answered at a moment's noticed.

2. "...Just writing?" 

At my school, the journalism and screenwriting programs are huge, so whenever I tell people my major, many assume that I mean one of those two. I'm just a plain old writing major without any of the bells and whistles. We're a rare species, but I promise that we're out there! 

3. You receive a steady stream of your friends' papers to proofread.

I actually really enjoy proofreading, but I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of trust my friends seem to have in my abilities! 

4. You overthink every piece of writing you do. 

Whether it's a paper for a non-writing class or an email to a professor, you can't help but think that if it's not perfect, people will wonder how you manage to call yourself a writing major. 

5. Writer's block is real. 

Writer's block is frustrating in general, but when your assignments depend on your ideas there's a whole new level of pressure. 

6."...So what are you going to do with that?" 

I'm going to mind my own business with it. 

7. You have this amazing talent to use and share with the world! 

Everyone knows how to write, but it takes a lot more to be a writer. Embrace it! 

While being a writing major certainly has its frustrations, it will only bring you closer to those goals of yours. So what are you waiting for? Get back to writing the next Great American Novel!

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Sarah Diggins - Ithaca College

18, NJ native, freshman at Ithaca College. Ravenclaw with Gryffindor tendencies (so basically she's Luna Lovegood). Avid Family Feud watcher. Catch her on instagram and twitter @thebookofsarah.

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