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Jan 07 2018
by Sarah Diggins

7 Luxuries From Home That College Students Take For Granted While At School

By Sarah Diggins - Jan 07 2018

Try to think back to August or September of this past year. You were probably overjoyed to finally be going off to school and living your own independent life, without your parents constantly needing to know where you are or pestering you to clean your room. And the freedom was great!

But, we can all admit it. Between our workload and the adjustment to living in a new place, it was all kind of overwhelming. Perhaps it made you think that maybe life at home every once in a while isn't so bad. Before you head back for round two, try to savor all the little luxuries from home. 

1. No school! 

You still had to do work in high school and maybe even an after-school job on top of that, but it was likely nothing like the load that has been beating you up in college. When you're home for winter and summer breaks, be sure to take some time to celebrate not having to deal with that workload, even if it's just for a little while. 

2. The food!

I'm not even talking about just the homemade meals. There's also all those local places you frequented in high school. Relish in all your hometown has to offer – it has to be better than your school's dining hall. 

3. Your laundry!

Even if you still have to do your own laundry at home, enjoy not having to wait all day for an open machine or worry about coming to retrieve your clothes, only to find that they've been left in a soaking pile on the ground. 

4. Your pets!

Give your puppies and kitties extra cuddles for the pet-less like me!  

5. Driving! 

Most freshmen don't have the luxury of getting to have a car on campus. You get so used to walking or using public transportation that you almost forget that you and your friends used to pile in a car, crank up the radio and just drive around as a legitimate source of entertainment. 

6. No shoes in the shower! 

Enough said. 

7. Peace and quiet!

College has made me a much more outgoing person and being around people constantly has done wonders for me socially, but I'll be the first to admit that I didn't realize how healthy and freeing some nice alone time is until I got some for the first time in months when I came home for my first break. 

Have a great spring semester and remember the little things!

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Sarah Diggins - Ithaca College

18, NJ native, freshman at Ithaca College. Ravenclaw with Gryffindor tendencies (so basically she's Luna Lovegood). Avid Family Feud watcher. Catch her on instagram and twitter @thebookofsarah.

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