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Jan 12 2016
by Sandy Gooen

The Fantastic Floormates of 870: Why I Miss Them

By Sandy Gooen - Jan 12 2016

Winter break is a chance to go home and relax, but what else do we leave behind?

For me, it's my floormates. I choose to spend most of my time in their room, 870. The girls in 870 are Jacky, Sophie, and Anna. Together, we are four first-year students living on the top floor of a New York City dorm building. Though our interests range from politics and computer science to music and dance, we're a family of our own.

I talk about 870 at home so much that my parents thought it was a club or something. In a way, it is. It's much better to have a dance party when other people are around to dance with you. There are no petite ballerinas back at my house. It's also more fun to perform show tunes in ASL with an audience, especially one that's been learning to sign to keep up with you.

We've become so connected that we have conversations in a whole other language now. We do lots of things for each other, including bringing each other food. My favorite example of this is on Sophie's birthday, after she had celebrated with friends and family, we had late night cookies and sparkling cider, even though all of us were way too full.

The four of us stick together, even throughout the worst of times. I can remember one night, I was writing a bio paper in my single thinking "I'll never finish this." I walked into their room and an hour later, I was done. Whenever they need me, I jump to help. Sometimes literally... Their beds are super high. Especially when it’s late at night and I want to watch Sophie play video games.

Their support is invaluable.

Sophie does hair and makeup, and she taught me how to put on the right kind/ amount of foundation before a date. We also talk about and listen to music. She’s brought me back into Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At The Disco. And I’ve got them all listening to Hamilton and Spring Awakening.

Jacky knows how to keep everyone on track. She studies constantly, but plays as hard as she works. And, she will always say yes to eating cupcakes with me, even if it’s two in the morning.

Being around Anna is like having a personal cheerleader. She’s always good for encouragement and jokes to make you smile. Also, we can commiserate about the pain that comes with dancing, like when she gets back from rehearsal and takes off her pointe shoes.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a freshman, figuring things out for the first time in a new city, but it’s easier when there are four of you. Sure, we can keep in touch over the internet, but it's not the same as being together. This time apart has made me appreciate them more, and I am so ready to see what we get up to in the spring semester.

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Sandy Gooen - Barnard College

Sandy Gooen is a first-year at Barnard College studying neuroscience and music. She loves rugby, writing and performing. She’s best known for spontaneous jump-splits. She once took her cello, Tawny, to banquet as her date. You can check her out on Facebook as herself or on as Di Gaon!

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