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Aug 08 2015
by Sandy Gooen

Sun’s Out, Guns Out: A Pre-Season Workout Schedule

By Sandy Gooen - Aug 08 2015

For the fall student athletes, summer can be fun and demanding at the same time. Ice cream and Netflix are enticing, but it’s not going to get any easier to run up and down a field by letting yourself melt into the couch. For example, here is my plan as I get ready to do Columbia University Women’s Rugby — I nicknamed my plan “ROAR LIONS ROAR.” I’m a nerd (a Barnard nerd on a Columbia team), I know, but you do what works for you.


Establish a routine and commit to maintaining it.


Keep in mind that your obliques are important for balance and are often overlooked as an important region. No muscle left behind.


Focus a lot on abs; it keeps the core strong.


Reps matter just as much as the intensity of the workout, if not more.


Your legs support the rest of your body. A true athlete doesn’t skip leg day.


Work on each separate muscle group evenly and intently for a thorough workout and physical symmetry.

Over-usage or overextension

Watch out for muscle groups that may be injured. Take care of yourself and your health above all else.


Your neck, back and shoulders will tighten up from stress and workouts, but you have to fight that as much as possible to avoid injury.


Do ballet or yoga, or just incorporate stretches into your normal workout regimen.


Keep running until it gets easier (or at least until it stops making you feel sick). Cardio is vital.


Breathe through every workout.


Ice, rest and shower by any means necessary.


You’ve earned it.

Find your own method, but keep it up. Good luck this season!

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Sandy Gooen - Barnard College

Sandy Gooen is a first-year at Barnard College studying neuroscience and music. She loves rugby, writing and performing. She’s best known for spontaneous jump-splits. She once took her cello, Tawny, to banquet as her date. You can check her out on Facebook as herself or on as Di Gaon!

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