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Feb 12 2016
by Sandy Gooen

10 Things To Know About Long-Distance Relationships in College

By Sandy Gooen - Feb 12 2016

Here are 10 things to know about being in college and in a relationship with someone who is hours away:

1. You do everything you can to find ways to spend time together, online or in real life. 

Other articles on long-distance relationships will tell you not to spend too much time talking during the day. You both have school. There's no chance of that happening.

2. Send each other little surprises. 

Remember letters? Those are always great to get.

3. Keep each other in the loop about your lives. 

"How was your day, honey?" is a real question that you can ask without sounding like a sitcom. I promise.

4. If it is too hard to get to them in person too often, have Skype dates.

 As in. Eat dinner together, watch a movie at the same time, or, be like me, and listen to the Hamilton cast recording together on Christmas.

5. If you can, try and see each other in person! 

For many, money, scheduling, and other factors are obstacles, but do your best. If you make it clear that you had every intention but couldn't, it's a great start.

6. In our digital age, many people like to work blue over message.

Flirty texts > sexting. If you're in a relationship, there's more to you both than one thing.

7. Despite what I just said, still remember that we live in a golden age of technology. 

Make each other into memes. You learn a lot about a person by how they comment on a picture of you. Here's an example of a meme I made of my girlfriend.

Sandy Gooen via Twitter

8. Trust.

 You should be able to still hang out with your friends and be open and communicative about what you are doing.

9.  On Valentine's Day, together or apart, reach out.

10. If you're ready: Say I love you. It never gets old.

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Sandy Gooen - Barnard College

Sandy Gooen is a first-year at Barnard College studying neuroscience and music. She loves rugby, writing and performing. She’s best known for spontaneous jump-splits. She once took her cello, Tawny, to banquet as her date. You can check her out on Facebook as herself or on as Di Gaon!

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