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Feb 21 2016
by Sandy Gooen

10 Reasons to Join an Arts Organization

By Sandy Gooen - Feb 21 2016

So, for the class of 2020 (and any current students who have yet to get the memo), most campuses have a pretty strong presence in the arts these days. College is the time for creative expression, and art organizations are a great way to find yourself and share that with the community.

Here are the 10 Reasons to Join an Arts Organization.

1. Exercise!

Specifically, dance. There are different levels for everyone. Don't worry. 

2. Being a DJ is always an adventure.

DJs can be found at parties, concerts, and, of course, radio shows. No matter what hour of day, say, 6-8 AM on a Thursday, you will have music and random sound bytes to fill your life.

3. Document the world.

On big screens, little screens, or even on paper. Try writing and filming stories of all kinds. Film and journalism are the two types of media that really revolve around a visual perspective. Always good thing to have.

4. Capture the little things.

School spreads people very thinly. Photography and other visual media allow the artist to capture a single moment rather than trying to take it all on at once.

5. Be whoever you want, it's theatre.

Theatre kids get to shape-shift all the time and use the words of the text to realize another person's story. Acting, directing, you name it. Theatre is a living art form with so much flexibility.

6. Tech Theater: Be a Hero

You get to run the show from behind the scenes. Without you, the shows wouldn't run to the best of their abilities. Combine art with other vital life and technological skills.

7. Appreciating the roots of music.

Remember Band Camp? Yeah, I promise that music in college isn't just like that, but it's still just as enriching. Jazz and Classical Ensembles are great, vocal or instrumental. There are so many ways to get involved with music - not everyone who likes music in college is straight out of the Pitch Perfect franchise or Glee.

8. A Cappella is a thing, though.

You know what? Some people do a cappella. And it's a sibling-style bond, where everyone enjoys harmonizing music. It's a niche group, but if that's your calling, you will have a great time! It's a great exercise in teamwork.

9. Spoken Word: Find your truth.

Spoken word is the ultimate opportunity to learn writing and speaking techniques while getting to talk about, well, anything.

10. Improve your life with Improv.

Thinking on your feet is an important trait for the career force these days. Where better to develop this skill than in an improv group? You also get to make people laugh by doing ridiculous random things.

All in all, support the arts because the arts community will support you when you need them the most.

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Sandy Gooen - Barnard College

Sandy Gooen is a first-year at Barnard College studying neuroscience and music. She loves rugby, writing and performing. She’s best known for spontaneous jump-splits. She once took her cello, Tawny, to banquet as her date. You can check her out on Facebook as herself or on as Di Gaon!

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