As you may already know, Tinder is a widely popular dating app that matches you with eligible singles within your area. Tinder has earned itself a very promiscuous reputation and is notorious for its not-so-subtle lustful users--a stereotype typically aimed at the male population of the application. There have been countless screenshots capturing awkward encounters with ever-persistent males intent on receiving a "quality" conversation they think they automatically deserve. 

With this in mind, I was prompted to test the patience of other Tinder users. Instead of using the app looking for a potential partner I sought out help with a specific homework question. Teaming up with a friend, we matched with as many guys as we could and asked them a question from our calculus homework: What is the integral of 3sinx? We expected the worst, but the results were actually pretty surprising.

A lot of guys were actually pretty helpful:

Who doesn't like a bilingual guy?

Some thought it was a joke:

This guy (R.J.) ended up informing us that this wasn't any way to judge a person's character before blocking us.

We didn't even try asking this guy: 

Some of them got a little confused:

But, most of them owned up to not knowing the answer:

Well, except for this guy...we never heard from him again:

Overall, the dudes of Tinder didn't turn out to be too bad. While we expected vulgarity or asking for "something in return", the guys we talked to were actually pretty helpful or at least nice if they didn't know the answer. This doesn't mean that every boy on Tinder is a knight in shining armor, but maybe the dating app isn't as bad as I originally thought. 

Images & Leading Image Credit: Samantha Moody