Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and everyone has in mind what they're thankful for. This year I realized that there are just some things that only college students can really appreciate. Here are 11 things that only college students are really thankful for this Thanksgiving. 

1. Ramen.
  • It's the best 20 cents you've ever tasted!

2. Cancelled class emails.
  • Especially cancelled 8 a.m. classes

  • The sweet nectar of the gods, giving us the strength to pull all-nighters and finish essays.

4. Curved grades.

Turning that B- into an A!

5. Extended deadlines.

A procrastinator's dream come true.

6. Classes close to your dorm.

Any walk less than 5 minutes away from your dorm is considered a blessing.

7. Double-spaced papers.

Six page essays aren't nearly as intimidating when they're double-spaced.

8. Professors who don't take attendance.

Not that I'm endorsing skipping class, but if for some reason you don't make it to a lecture or discussion session it's nice to know you aren't getting points docked. 

9. Game days.

Game days mean high energy, cheering, free t-shirts, and so much more!

10. Your go-to study spot.

Whether it's the library, your friend's dorm, or a nice grassy area under a shady tree, everyone has that one place on campus where they're their most focused and get all of their work done. 

11. Knowing you get to go home to your family for thanksgiving.

Good food coming your way!