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Nov 10 2015
by Samantha Moody

Lies Movies Have Told Us About College

By Samantha Moody - Nov 10 2015

Everyone going into college has certain expectations and fears often set forth by popular culture and media. The common culprit of setting false standards for college are movies. By now, most of us have realized that college is nothing like Hollywood's depiction. Here are the most blatant lies movies told us about college. 

1.Getting into your dream school is SUPER easy.


Elle Woods was able to only work hard for one month of undergraduate school, and send in a quirky video instead of a personal essay, and that was enough to get into Harvard Law School. It's typical for movies to create characters who get into Ivy League, and other esteemed private schools without doing any work to get there. As we all know, getting into college requires years of working for good grades and involvement in extracurricular activities, followed by a stressful application process. 

2.Shared bathrooms are an awkward moment waiting to happen.


Thanks for this one Pitch Perfect. While it's a bit absurd to worry about someone barging in on your shower due to your spectacular rendition of "Titanium", it does make you question the level of privacy in dorm bathroom situations. Luckily in real dorm bathroom facilities you are 100% safe from privacy invasion. Everyone just wants to take care of their own business and get out. 

3.Greek Life is the only thing around to be involved in...


What's a college movie without a stereotypical frat guy or sorority girl? Movies often neglect the fact that there are literally hundreds of clubs, activities, and organizations on campus to be involved in besides Greek Life. This leads many to believe that Greek Life is the only way to have a social life at college, but this is far from the truth.

4. ...and a capella.


Unfortunately, a capella isn't nearly as prevalent in my life as Pitch Perfect led me to believe. 

The only thing fraternities and sororities do is drink.


There is a huge stigma set forth by movies is that the only things fraternities and sororities do is drink and party. In reality, there are tons of Greek houses that are dedicated to academics and volunteer work. While it isn't unheard of for the houses to throw parties, there is definitely much more to each organization. 

5.You and your roommate are going to be close.


Hollywood constantly depicts roommates as unlikely friends who bond over time and become friends for life. In all honesty, the likelihood of this happening is very low when you're being randomly assigned to another roommate. Many have to come to terms with the fact that it's OK to just live with your roommate and have that be the extent of your relationship. 

6. You never have to go to class or do homework.


Movies constantly devote little to no screen time to characters actually going to class or studying. More often than not, the plot focuses on getting ready for the big showcase or winning over the main character's true love. While this may make for better movies, it's definitely not a true depiction of college life. College is about learning new things and earning a degree, which is going to take more than one montage of homework and studying. 

7. Your dorm room is going to be spacious enough for all of your stuff.


Movie dorm rooms always seem so spacious and cleverly decorated, while real life gives us a sad, tiny cell block to cram our belongings in and attempt to make feel like home. 

8. You can eat whatever and still look great.


The average movie college student will exclusively eat pizza and drink beer without gaining a single pound. However in the real world the Freshman 15 is a very real problem if one doesn't take care of themselves and establish healthy habits.

9. Party 24/7!

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Of course, the biggest trope of all is that college is just one big 4 year party. Parties can be found at any college which is great, but it's important to remember that you worked hard to get to this point in your life. College is a great time to try new things and create memories with great friends, but you can't lose sight of getting your degree and building a better future for yourself. 

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Samantha Moody - University of California, Davis

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