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Mar 14 2016
by Samantha Moody

8 Tweets That Embody How We All Feel About Daylight Savings

By Samantha Moody - Mar 14 2016

Daylight savings time strikes again. Last night we all lost an hour of sleep, and no one is happy about it. These tweets represent what we're all going through.

Going to sleep last night like.

And then this morning rolled around an hour earlier than expected.

Suddenly one cup of coffee isn't enough.

And then suddenly you have this realization.

And then you have to struggle to stay awake lacking a full hour of sleep.

You're still in disbelief that the whole daylight savings thing even happened.

And I think it's safe to say that Daylight Savings hit college students in particular the hardest.

Lead Image Credit: Pixar

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Samantha Moody - University of California, Davis

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