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Jul 14 2017
by Samantha Marucci

A Letter to My Younger Sister Entering High School

By Samantha Marucci - Jul 14 2017

Dear Little Sis,

Congrats: You’re going to be a freshman in high school! Since I am leaving for college in a month and a half and I won’t be here all the time to guide you through high school, I thought I would write down some advice for you as you enter a whole new environment. High school is a weird place and it can be hard to navigate sometimes, so here are some tips on how to handle your high school career with grace.

This might sound a bit odd, but my first piece of advice is to not care too much about the little things. And by that, I mean don’t become overly stressed about grades or clubs or about your social life. Yes, everything seems a bit more dramatic than it really is in high school, and it’s easy to get caught up in it, but whatever it is you’re worried about or stressed about won’t matter years from now. The best thing you can do is not focus on the drama or the stress, and instead focus on yourself and figure out what you need to do to move on from it.

You should try your best to be open to change. High school is full of changes, some you might see coming and some you might not. Never be stuck in your own ways so much that you cannot adapt to new things. You will most likely make new friends, take new classes and join new clubs. You should try to embrace the changes and try new things instead of shying away from them.

Academics isn’t the only aspect of high school that matters. What I didn’t realize until later in high school is that you are supposed to learn just as much socially as you are supposed to learn academically. You’re supposed to learn how to hold an interesting conversation with your peers as well as with adults. You should learn how to go outside of your comfort zone a little and be more outgoing. You should learn about yourself and get to know yourself through these experiences.

Getting to know yourself is really important, and in high school sometimes we need to relearn about ourselves because we change so much over the course of four years. Explore things that interest you, don’t limit yourself, express yourself whether it be through fashion, art, writing, etc. It’s important that when you leave high school you know yourself a little better than you did when you entered it. Sometimes things will be confusing and you’ll find out something you didn’t know about yourself before and that’s OK. It’s all part of the experience.

Finally, the biggest piece of advice is that high school is what you make of it. No, you don’t need to be popular. No, you don’t need to be a captain of an athletic team. And no, you don’t need to be a 4.0 GPA student. That being said, you do need to be happy. It’s easy to lose yourself when you are having to prioritize so many different things. When you are happy and doing well, you perform better as a student and in life in general. Always take some time to do something you love and that puts a smile on your face, that way even in the most difficult moments you can find some joy.

I’m so excited to see you to grow in these next four years, and I know you’ll do amazing things!


Your Big Sis

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Samantha Marucci - Fordham University

Samantha Marucci is a freshman at Fordham University majoring in finance on a pre law track. In high school she loved reading and writing poetry, making way too many references to New Girl and John Mulaney, and talking obnoxiously in the halls with her friends. Follow her on instagram @anne.marucci !

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