Senior year of high school is easily the most anticipated year of them all. Senior Prom, committing to college, graduating from the place you've been stuck in for four years and finally adventuring out into the world are all valuable memories. The year is full of so many new and exciting moments but it's also overwhelming and stressful. College applications, taking on a whole bunch of new responsibilities, finding scholarships and figuring out where you're going to be going for the next four years presents new challenges. 

Senioritis, which is a decline in a student's performance during his/her last year of high school due to the time at school nearing its end, is easy to fall into. By the middle of your semester, almost all of the seniors will claim that they have senioritis. Even within the first month, some seniors will already be claiming that they have contracted senitoritis. Senior year is full of ups and downs but that's also what life is full of. In life, when things get tough, you don't just quit. You keep going even harder than before.

You've been accepted into three out of five of your schools already. It's an amazing feeling, it really is. It most definitely feels like you're on top of the world and a huge weight has started to lift off of your shoulders. You may feel as though since you've been accepted, the work you're doing in school now doesn't really matter as much. They've already accepted you and they can't take that back, right? Whatever happens from here on out is just whatever since you're already in, right? Well, not really. Schools can still rescind your acceptance if you start to slack during your senior year. You may have thought that you have secured your spot in college but if senioritis really begins to have a strong effect on you, the school can give your spot up to another student. 

It is so easy to fall into senioritis at this time of the year but by using these five tips, you may be able to save yourself from slipping into the deep hole that is senioritis. 

1. Keep In Mind That No Matter Where You Are Going, Your Grades Still Matter

Even if you may be attending your community's college, they will still check your grades — especially in your senior year. Think about it. You're probably spending two years at the community college and then transferring to another school. The other school looks at your grades from the community college as well as your high school grades, especially your grades during senior year. If they see that you stayed steady and kept your grades up while others began to decline, then you'll be more likely to get into schools. It shows that you're a hard worker and are determined to keep up the good work no matter the circumstances. 

2. Your Hard Work Will Prove To Colleges That You're Responsible 

By keeping your grades up, despite all of the stress and excitement that senior year withholds, you'll be showing colleges that you can handle all that's thrown at you. Life will never be a steady line that either declines or inclines. Along the way, you'll have swerves and curves and if you're able to keep your work up to par, then you're showing that you're capable of being responsible. Being responsible is a huge part of the college world. In college, you won't have teachers reminding you to turn in your work. Sometimes, homework won't even be mandatory but you should be responsible enough to decide for yourself whether you should complete it or not. 

3. Talk To Friends Who Have Graduated Before You About It

Surely there are plenty of people who you know that have graduated before you; they've all gone through this too! By speaking to them about how they got through it, you will be able to realize that you're not the only one and can take up some of their ideas of how to survive. Without a doubt, they'll tell you that it was hard but in the end, their hard work truly paid off. 

4. Keep Your Goals In Mind

As a senior in high school, you most likely daydream about what your near future will be like. Graduating as your class valedictorian or going into college with a certain number of credits that can help you save money on classes.  Without continuing your hard work, those few possibilities in your near future may not be possible. We all want to make our parents and family proud at the end of the day and with slacking on your grades because of senioritis, we won't be doing so.

5. Get Yourself Into A Good Work Habit To Prepare For College

In college, you won't have someone on your back pressing you to do your homework or study. Treat this time left in high school for you to start taking responsibility for your own work. If you don't start to get into the habit now, it may be harder to when you start the fall semester. Use this time with the somewhat easy load of work as a time to get on top of things and get yourself into the groove of being that way. 

All in all, senioritis is almost inevitable, but try to push through it. Senior year may be rumored as the year where you can slack but in reality, that probably isn't the best idea. By keeping your grades up, you're helping yourself in the long run. Keep pushing through seniors. Your hard work will be worth the while.  

Lead Image Credit: Baim Hanif via Unsplash