Senior prom is something many people look forward to for their entire four years of high school. For others, however, it's another dreaded high school event. If you're one of those people, hopefully the following list of reasons will inspire you to go to prom and see what you've been missing. 

1. Admit it ... getting dressed up is fun.

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You can say all you want that ties strangle you, or that dress shopping is just boring, but deep down inside there is a little part of everyone of us that LOVES to get dressed up. It might be painstaking to carefully curl your hair or tie the perfect bow-tie, but think about that moment when you look in the mirror before you leave and see how all that hard work payed off. Nothing feels better than knowing you're a solid 12 out of 10.

2. Your friends are going.

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High school is full of cliques. Everyone is not friends with everyone, contrary to popular belief. But chances are at least one of your friends is going, or at least people you're friendly with. Prom can be an experience to bond with people you weren't very close to before. If none of your friends are planning on going, ask one of them. Chances are you can find someone that would be willing to take on this adventure with you.

3. It's the last big, formal high school event.

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Sure, there might still be some sports games, and of course graduation, but senior prom is the last chance your class has to all be together in a totally fun setting. If you're like me and dislike the majority of the people in your graduating class, there's still some sentimental value there. After that night, no one will ever make you hang out with these people again. And prom trends these days can be so obscure, at least one person will have a dress you can secretly laugh at. But seriously, looking back on life, you'll wish you had gone.

4. It's the last dance.

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Along the same lines as the previous reason, this is the last dance of your high school career. To some, that is a pretty exciting concept. From when they start in middle school, dances can often seem like nothing more than a sweaty group of people grinding on each other to bad music. Objectively, it's gross. But the experience of the high school dance is one that can never be recreated later in life. The rush of finding someone to slow dance with, or making awkward eye contact with a teacher during a dirty part of a song are things you'll never get to do again. Take this chance to cherish your childhood while you still can.

5. There's more than just dancing.

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Prom, unlike things like homecoming, is much more than just dancing. There's food, and at most proms, there's fun stuff to do like photo booths with crazy props. Have two left feet? Grab some friends and take pictures. Those photo strips will look nice in your dorm! Hate pictures? There's bound to be something else. My junior prom had a Ben and Jerry's ice cream bar, so good luck topping that.

6. Your parents will be excited.

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Especially if you are one of those people that never gets involved in anything (like me), your parents will love you for going to prom. Remember, you going to college is just as a big a deal to your parents as it is to you. They're going to miss you more than anything and getting this last chance to see you get dressed up and go out will make them so excited. If you can't go to prom for you, do it for them.

7. It's PROM.

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For girls, prom can be like a fairy tale. You dress up like a princess, and your date shows up and whisks you away to as close to a ball as most of us will ever get. Prom Queen is the dream of almost every little girl. For guys, it's like a white-collar gala, walking around socializing looking fresh and slick. Everyone knows guys look their best when they clean up and wear a suit. It seems shallow, but prom is iconic. It's not high school without prom.

So, in short, prom will be a good time. I promise. There are many reasons to go, a lot of things to do there and a lot that you can gain from going. It is not just another dance; this is the last time to celebrate with your class. Get out there, dance, take pictures and make memories that will last the rest of your life.

Lead Image Credit: Sean McGrath via Flickr Creative Commons

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