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Mar 03 2017
by Sabrina Sooknanan

5 Unique Ways to Incorporate School Pride Into Your Wardrobe

By Sabrina Sooknanan - Mar 03 2017

College is a time for exploration, stepping out of your comfort zone, obtaining new knowledge and getting creative. Whether you are just starting college or finishing up your last year, you’ll want to take pride in the school you have chosen to attend. The best place to start when it comes to showing school pride is your wardrobe. Here are five unique ways to incorporate school pride into your wardrobe.

1. Wear your favorite school logo shirt with a simple garment.

Whether it’s the free tee you received during orientation week or a special pick you purchased at your school store, it is simple to pair your favorite school logo shirt with another garment. You may be asking yourself, “What if it looks awkward? Is it possible to match or blend a school logo shirt with another article of clothing?” Of course it is! Try to go for a basic, yet creative school logo shirt and pair it with neutral colors like black, grey or white to create a simplistic, clean look. Below, I paired an I <3 MMC logo shirt with a black pencil skirt and black cardigan.

Sabrina Sooknanan

2. Rep the location of your school.

The one thing that makes a school what it is is the city or town it’s located in. The location of your college could have been a big reason why you decided to attend it in the first place. If your school offers city-and-campus related shirts, match it with your favorite garment. For instance, I matched this red MMC student organization tee with a multicolored skirt.

Victoria Testa

3. Include a wide range of school pride accessories.

Accessories are essential for any outfit because they emphasize your taste or preferences for the smallest details. You can check out your school store and purchase a bag in your school colors. Or you can take a creative route and get your own customized jewelry in your school colors or with your school name. Brands like Collegiate Soul will allow you to purchase unique school-specific accessories like bracelets, earrings and customizable chokers.

Collegiate Soul

4. Combine "spirit wear and fashion."

Maybe your fashion taste isn't skirts or dresses. Sometimes the general school apparel won't satisfy your fashion outlook. Looking to show off your school pride in a comfortable and versatile way? Companies like nuyu offer school represented athleisure so you can go from a sporting event to a night out with the girls in one outfit.

5. Design your school pride look.

Whether you are going the DIY route or looking to design a sweatshirt, you definitely should consider unleashing your creativity when it comes to designing your school pride look. Many schools, club organizations and students have used CustomInk to design school pride templates that they can later print on apparel or order with a garment. From T-shirts to tote bags, CustomInk offers hundreds of products, colors and styles.

For more style tips, check out my blog, VOGUESABE.

Lead Image Credit: Collegiate Soul

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Sabrina Sooknanan - Marymount Manhattan College

Sabrina Sooknanan (she/her/hers) is a student at Marymount Manhattan College. She is pursuing a double major in Philosophy & Religious Studies and Business and a minor in Journalism. Sabrina is a born and bred New Yorker with a zest for adventure and style. Back in high school, she was an Executive Editor of the school's newspaper. Sabrina is also the Chapter Editorial Director of Fresh U. Aside from writing and editing, Sabrina spends her time mentoring young women as well as taking part in a variety of leadership programs. Her interests consist of traveling, understanding different perspectives, and giving back to her community.

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