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Feb 17 2017
by Rylee Johnston

The 8 Struggles of Doing Homework Over The Weekend

By Rylee Johnston - Feb 17 2017
When you think of the weekend, you imagine hanging out with friends, getting out of the dorm and maybe hitting up a party. You are officially off school duty, but in the way back of your head you know that what truly awaits is homework.

1. On Friday night you pretend it doesn't exist and go out instead.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with on their Friday night is homework. The easiest thing to do is forget about it and go out with your friends. With an entire weekend ahead of you, you deserve at least one night of freedom.

2. On Saturday you make your first attempt.

Knowing that your homework won't finish itself, you decide to be an efficient student and do your work. Whether it be an essay or a reading, they all have one thing in common, though, there is nothing interesting or fun about it. With distractions surrounding you as well, you have to find ways to stay focused.


3. To make it a little more enjoyable, you put some music on.

At this point, you cannot take the silence and choose to put some music on. Instead of actually doing your work, though, you get lost in the music and end up singing and dancing instead of actually focusing on the work in front of you.

4. But the moment you see a friend, you give up.

Homework has left your brain, it's only been a few hours since you have last seen your friend, which is obviously too long. This is the perfect moment to stop what you are doing and devote all of your time to your friend. At that moment homework has left your head.

5. You go back to avoiding your homework.

You go out again and decide to pretend that homework is not a thing. While you may be having fun at the moment, your homework still sits in your room awaiting your return. At that moment, you don't care, it's only Saturday.

6. You continue making excuses to not do it.

Whether it be a messy room or that you're too tired from working a shift, any excuse counts as long as it allows you to put off your homework. Your inner procrastinator comes out as you continuously find ways to avoid the pile of work awaiting you.

7. Sunday night comes around and you realize you still haven't done any of it.

Those nights spent with friends are now back to bite you as it dawns on you that your homework is not done and is still due tomorrow.

8. The all-nighter begins.

At this point, the quality of your work does not matter, the only thing that does is getting it done. While the clock ticks away, you tell yourself not to have a mental-breakdown and get to work completing all of the homework you regrettably put off. 

For those of you all-too-familiar with this process: you know the drill. If you're new to the procrastination station, don't lose hope, and always remember, if it's due tomorrow you can do it tomorrow.

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Rylee Johnston - Hofstra University

A first year at Hofstra University, she is majoring in journalism and hopes to travel in the future. Follow her on social media: Instagram- @ryye23 Twitter- @ryerye023

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