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Nov 14 2016
by Rylee Johnston

Hofstra University Unveils Their New Fashion Club

By Rylee Johnston - Nov 14 2016

De Moda, a new club being offered to all students at Hofstra University, had their first meeting Wednesday evening, November 10th. Having just been recognized a week before as a club on campus, many curious students arrived to see what the club would offer.

Jessica Johnson, a senior Marketing major at Hofstra and President of De Moda talked to Fresh U.

"It was in April when we were kind of like, let’s just do this. We looked at the bylaws, we looked up how to start a club. We’re happy that it’s starting now and that people are interested."

Johnson and Amy Zheng, a double major in International Business and Marketing, as well as Vice President, had searched for a fashion club back when they were freshmen at Hofstra. Unfortunately, none had been established at the time. Now as senior and junior roommates, they have taken the initiative and were able to establish their own fashion club with the goal to create a space for college students to talk about fashion and the industry.

"I definitely think it is going to be big too because look at Hofstra," said Zheng. "We have all sorts of people, everyone dresses differently and I think it’s just a great way and a great club to just express what you love. The way that you dress can kind of influence each other because other people may not explore it if they have never seen it in person. I feel like every style has its own meaning behind it."

Much of what they wish to focus on is not only getting a variety of majors involved, but showing how these majors can be incorporated in the fashion industry. They are looking to bring in professional guest speakers to talk to members on the fashion industry and help students get recognized for their passion.

“It’s a nice bonding time because we don’t see everyone throughout the campus,” said Zheng.

Other activities include DIY projects like homemade chokers, which will allow members to customize and express their own personal style. They wish to be active with philanthropy projects, like Healing Headbands, which aims at making homemade headbands to give to sick child cancer patients and their families. 

A big event that the club is looking to partake in is a fashion show, which will offer a chance to team up and connect with other various clubs on campus who put on the fashion show, too.

“Fashion shows are a huge thing, especially for this club and I think that we will be able to bring in a lot of huge designers, and make it an annual thing and get the whole community of Hofstra involved because I know a lot of other clubs already do fashion shows," said Johnson. "Then, we can put in our spin on it and have everyone involved altogether. It’s interesting meeting different people and seeing what they’re interested in, and sometimes you’ll think, maybe I won’t ever talk to this person, but this is what’s bringing us together.”

The e-board of this club is eager to take on new ideas from members and incorporate them into the club. With a focus on giving back to the community and connecting with a diverse audience it is hard not to see this club going far in the future.

Lead Image Credit: De Moda

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Rylee Johnston - Hofstra University

A first year at Hofstra University, she is majoring in journalism and hopes to travel in the future. Follow her on social media: Instagram- @ryye23 Twitter- @ryerye023

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