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Jul 26 2016
by Ryan Haar

The 8 Stages of Getting Ready to Go to College

By Ryan Haar - Jul 26 2016
All the feels (well, eight of them) you will feel this summer about graduating, preparing to move away and saying goodbye to your best friends. Don't worry, you're not alone.


You did it! Exams finished, tassels turned, your plans for next year settled and you were flying so ~high~. Not a worry in your pretty little beach-bound head because you finally checked that last grad party off, wrote the last thank you notes for your gifts and had the whole summer ahead of you to do absolutely nothing.


2. Endless summer...what's college? 

What day is it? I feel like I've been wearing the same pair of underwear for two weeks? Is that a problem? Nah. The debatably worst four years of your adolescence are behind you so you deserve some R&R. All you need to think about now is relaxing with your BFF's before you all head your separate ways. 


3. Orientation had me like...

Why did you not start all this earlier? Why are there one million forms to fill out? *Anxiously calls mom to ask when your last vaccination was.* Wait…there’s summer reading in college? Not even to mention the scary advisor walking around with the clipboard and demanding to know what your intended major is. Response = sobs dramatically because you’re only 18 and have no earthly idea what you want to do for the REST OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Where did the carefree days of summer go?


4. Class registration...let the games begin!

Despite the 48 long, long hours spent at orientation you still don’t know how to navigate your school’s complicated AF registration website. You sit anxiously staring at the screen as the seconds tick down to your registration appointment. 3...2...1...GO! You never clicked so hard in your entire life and yet you still only got 3 classes. And the second bout of anxiety

5. When you get your roommate assignment and you're immediately #BFFs.

Omg she’s so cool wow this is awesome. And you’re color coordinating bedding, duh. And, wait, she’s obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy too? Strike roommate, try soulmate!


6. Dorm shopping. I NEED EVERYTHING.

Yes, mom, you really do need the double deluxe memory foam mattress topper, the alarm clock that doubles as a strobe light, and that coffee pot that Jenny says has its own wifi! So many dorm accessories, and you need them all. The excitement of living on your own and decorating your own space for the first time is real. Just tell mom to not check the credit card statement until after you move out.


7. When all of your friends start to leave and suddenly you're a lone wolf. 

All your friends going to different schools are starting to leave and the squad’s down to one. You miss your friends so much already! You don’t know how you’re supposed to live like this for the next four years without them. Only the thought of all the new friends and people you’re about to meet is keeping you going.


8. Move-in day! 

You think the family car might burst from all the stuff you shoved in it. You wonder where all this stuff came from. Oh, and you finally found that shirt you’ve been missing since the eighth grade (that you blamed Jenny for taking) stuffed in the bottom of your closet #score. And after a million trips from the car to your dorm, you’re finally all unpacked and now it’s time to say goodbye to the fam. *holds back tears* Time to do life on your own. You might be nervous but you know you’re gonna kill it because you are ~flawless~.

Whether your move in day is next month or you're still in the endless summer phase, make sure to enjoy this last summer. Take time to bond with friends and family as the next four years will be some of the busiest (and best) of your entire life. If you're stressed, relax. Everything will work out in the end and you'll be off to school with no worries in no time! 

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Ryan Haar - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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