According to The Telegraph, marriage between transgender people is permissible under Islamic law in a religious decree (Fatwa) that was issued by clerics in Pakistan. The Fatwa clearly states that,

” It is permissible for a transgender person with male indications on his body to marry a transgender person with female indications on her body.”

Further on, it declared that,

 “Making noises at transgender people, making fun of them , teasing them or thinking of them as inferior is against Sharia law, because such an act amounts to objecting to one of Allah’s creations, which is not correct,”

Trans-Activist, Farzana argued that since the Pakistani government had been issuing , “female transgender and male transgender” identification cards, then they should also have, “the right to marriage.”.

A Pakistani Women’s rights activist, Qamar Naseem, told the Telegraph news that,

” This is the first time in history that Muslim clerics have raised their voices in support of the rights of transgender persons. But we have to go further for transgender people and the country needs to introduce legislation on it.” 

Although the Fatwa is not legally binding, the Trans-Action Alliance welcomed the religious decree since they had been “lobbying and asking for it.”

The head of the organisation declared that,

” We issued the decree after the increase in violence against them in  society.” 

Transgender people are marginalised within the society since it is still heresy to be transgender in Pakistan. In order for members of the transgender community to earn money they have to beg, dance or prostitute themselves. They are in constant fear of facing violent attacks, which has forced them to change their names. 

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