Prom Night is a highlight of one’s senior year. It’s also an opportunity to choose between tradition and daring to be different. This YouTuber (it’sLange), rocked her Secret Garden Themed prom by owning the night in her individual style.

1. She spent months planning out the ideal prom night.

Together with her peers, Lange spent several months planning the prom night to the very last detail. Although she was stressed out about not meeting everyone’s expectations, she managed to select the perfect Secret Garden Theme. 

Feranmi Taiwo & Kelsey Grant

2. She rocked the Naomi Campbell inspired glam look.

To create a “Naomi Campbell inspired soft glam look,” she used natural brown and gold colors to contour and highlight her high cheekbones. To add onto the soft effect, she used light silver eye shadow to illuminate her eyes. To further complement her soft glam look, she applied a rich layer of a daringly bold red lipstick. 

Feranmi Taiwo & Kelsey Grant

3. She got her dress straight from her mother’s closet.

Lange wore a dazzling black dress, woven with dark silver sequin beads; attached with a curled fishtail that swept the floor with every step. It accentuated her curves and added onto her aspired glamorous look. To add onto this fashionable appearance, she used a tiny gold clutch to complete her ensemble. 

Feranmi Taiwo & Kelsey Grant 

4. She asked her best friend to her prom.

Lange could not think of a better date than her best friend whom she has known for five years. Since he had asked her to his prom, she thought that it would be ideal to also go with him to her prom. And it was worth it.

Feranmi Taiwo & Kelsey Grant 

5. She made great memories with her friends.

The night before her prom, Lange was nervous about her role as the hostess of the pre-prom party. She signed up to host the party at the very last minute so she wasn’t sure whether it would go as well as she had planned out. Luckily, one of her best friends showed up the night before, calmed her down and assisted her to throw what turned out to be an amazing party. 

Feranmi Taiwo & Kelsey Grant 

6. She rolled up to her prom in style.

Initially, Lange and her friends wanted to go to the prom in a party bus. After some thought, they decided that going in a black, platinum, stretched Hummer would be more edgy.

Feranmi Taiwo & Kelsey Grant

7. She customized her own prom YouTube video.

With assistance from the two skilled photographers who captured the prom night’s events, she created her own prom YouTube video. The footage showcased highlights of one of the most exciting events of her senior year. The video still allows Lange to relive the most memorable moments of her prom night. 

Feranmi Taiwo & Kelsey Grant 

Don’t be afraid to aspire for uniqueness. There is beauty in individuality.

Lead Image Credit: Feranmi Taiwo & Kelsey Grant