As the Fall semester is approaching, you might be nervous or excited about the fact that you will be sharing your space with someone else whom you have chosen yourself or been assigned to by your college. The process of getting to know your roommate doesn’t have to be challenging. You can take baby steps to make the transition more fun!

1. Have Some Bonding Sessions

You could set aside some time during the day or in the evening to get to know each other. Ask your roommate some icebreaking questions about their likes and dislikes to ensure that the space that you share is more invitational. If you feel comfortable with your roommate, you could also share your favourite childhood memories, favourite hobbies and even some of your cringe-worthy stories. As time goes by, you might find that you share a lot in common, which will make it easier for you to get along.

2. Make A List Of Fun Things To Do Before The End Of The Year

This bucket list could consist of, but is not limited to: adventurous road trips, going for a karaoke nights, wind surfing, learning a new language, stargazing and making colourful paper lanterns for your room décor. Just for the thrill of it, you could also try out daring things during your holiday breaks such as skydiving. Not only will this get you out of your comfort zone, it will also be an exciting learning experience while creating a lasting bond with your roomie.

3. Decorate The Room Together

Once you have settled down in your new room, you could use some décor guides to find a cool common theme to make the room feel more homely. It might also be nice to pull off some DIY crafts together. There are plenty of creative Pinterest craft guides that will give you ideas of what you can make together.

4. Set Some Ground Rules

To ensure that you don’t get on each other’s nerves, you could set some ground rules on a bright pinup chart. You could start off with finding out your roommate’s sleep schedule so that anyone who might plan on visiting you doesn’t barge in whilst your roommate is trying to get their daily dose of sleep. Sharing chores can help ensure that the room stays tidy.

5. Have Movie Marathons

On some weekends, you and your roommate could pull all-nighter movie marathons in your favorite pajamas. You could start off with some chick-flick movies such as Little Black Book or you could get into your inner child and watch High School Musical.

6. Set Goals For The Year

You and your roommate could take some time to jot down ideas of what you’d like to achieve by the end of your freshman year. These goals could be academic-related, sports-related or anything elese that tickles your fancy. You can then share your ideas and throughout the year, keep cheering each other on to work towards achieving your goals. After taking the time to write down your ideas, you could then share them then encourage each other to aspire for your goals, throughout the year.

As time goes by you might just stay as acquaintances or even become the best of friends. Either way, getting to know your roommate will create a meaningful bond. 

Lead Image Credit: Kristopher Roller via Unsplash