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Jul 06 2017
by Rudo Ellen Kazembe

5 Things You Should Know About Rising Musician and College Student DON-DON

By Rudo Ellen Kazembe - Jul 06 2017

Tino Vheriwa, otherwise known as DON-DON, is an international student from Zimbabwe. He is majoring in international business at Florida International University in Miami.

During his freshman year, DON-DON started working on his ingenious hip-hop and R&B singles. These consist of beats that range from slow-tempo to fast-tempo. His melodies will get you dancing, or at the very least, make you feel like dancing. Here are some things you should know about him.

1. When his first track was released, it went straight to the top of the charts in his home country. 

He was thrilled by the level of support that he received from his fans. The soundtrack titled "PAPI" starts with a slow pulsating beat which picks up tempo and morphs into a fast rhythm that blends harmoniously with his vocals. This musical genius uses contrapuntal compositional techniques in the tune of the soundtrack as the beat changes whilst he raps and sings at various pitches.

Isaac Manikai

2. His greatest musical inspirations are Drake and Nasty C.

DON-DON finds Drake’s musical style fascinating and unique. His other inspiration is a South African with the stage name Nasty C, who rose to fame within the music industry at a very young age.

Camila Gonzalez

3. The encouragement that he received from his peers in high school fortified his determination to launch a musical career. 

In high school, he started off with a group known as “White Tee Crew.” They played instrumentals in their dormitories and got such a positive response from other students that DON-DON was encouraged to perform at Interact Shows at his school. Before he knew it, he’d started performing at competitions and different venues.

Amazing Vheriwa

4. He works as an independent artist.

This has been his greatest challenge since he has had to do most of his work by himself in the studio. As a lyricist, he has had to rely on his creative flair to write his own soundtracks. Regardless of this challenge, he has managed to achieve the artistic versatility that he had been aiming for in all his singles. He has also had the opportunity to work with a few producers such as Beatsmith and KM RANGY, who create their own beats.

Karl Powell

5. His musical scope is not limited.

He enjoys listening to various musical genres. One particular musical group that inspires him is the a cappella pop group, Pentatonix, based in Texas.

Amazing Vheriwa

His long-awaited music video for the track "Papi" was released on July 3, 2017, which happened to be his 20th birthday. 

His words for anyone aspiring to become an artist are, “Chase your dream, be yourself and pray.” His tracks are definitely worthy of some listening time! They can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

Lead Image Credit: Tanatswa Mutanga via Instagram

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Rudo Ellen Kazembe - Lake Forest College

Rudo Ellen Kazembe is a staff Politics Writer. She is currently studying at Lake Forest College. She wrote for the national newspaper in Zimbabwe when she was in high school. She has had some of her work republished in Teen Vogue. She is an Editor and staff writer for her College newspaper. You can follow her on Instagram (@ellen_oxox).

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