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Jun 01 2015
by Rochelle Sun

10 Things That Happen Your Last Week of High School

By Rochelle Sun - Jun 01 2015

The last week of high school can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but here are some things that will definitely happen before high school is over forever.

1. Senioritis hits you at a whole new level.


Can someone show me how homework works again?

2. MOST teachers know they won’t get any effort out you anymore, so they stop caring.

Class time = movie time.

But there’s always that ONE teacher that thinks it’s smart to give you an exam.

Let’s be real here, no one cares anymore.

3. School supplies become almost nonexistent.

“Hey can I borrow some paper? ...and a pencil? …and a pen?”

4. When you realize how much paper you’ve accumulated over the last four years

High School: the leading cause of deforestation in the world


And the only solution to celebrate your freedom is by burning everything.

5. You realize you only have to put up with that one annoying kid for just a FEW more days.


6. Class periods feel like they last for years.

You need emotional support to get through every minute.

7. Homework turns into this:


And whatever little attention you can muster up for class looks like this:

8. You get this feeling that you finally know what it means to rule the school.

9. You begin to commemorate even the smallest things.

OMG! Last musical ever! Last minimum day ever! Last school lunch ever! Last Friday of high school ever!

10. And just for a SECOND, you realize that you might just miss this place.

But really, who are we kidding? We’re out of here!

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Rochelle Sun - University of Rochester

Rochelle Sun is a freshman studying international relations and political science at the University of Rochester. Her favorite pastimes include dancing the day away, having civil political discussions, and shelling out really cheesy jokes (trust me, they’re gouda.) Find her on Instagram @rochelle_sunshine

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