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Feb 21 2018
by Re'Nyqua Farrington

7 Essentials for the Perfect Nap in College

By Re'Nyqua Farrington - Feb 21 2018
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As college students we're either tired, busy or simultaneously tired and busy. While I can't ease your busy schedule, I can give you seven essentials for the perfect nap in college! 

1. Cucumber Face Mask  

The first step to the perfect nap is to relax, jump start this process with a relaxing cucumber face mask. Get it here for less than $6!

2. Sleep Mask

If an afternoon nap between classes is your forte, you'll need a sleep mask to block out the shining sun. Find one here to turn day to night. 

 3. Satin Pillow Case 

No need to worry about crazy bed head with a satin pillow case. Snag this pillow case to keep your hair in place and secure the perfect nap! Pick your favorite color and buy your own satin pillow case here

4. Blanket 

Stay cozy and warm with this "super soft plush throw." It's the perfect escape from your hectic, college life. 

5. Comforter 

Still cold, even with the blanket? Grab this comforter for less than $20 to keep you warm and snug during your nap. 

6. Door Hanger

Let any roommates know that it is lights out time with this "Please Do Not Disturb" sign. It's a quick notice to let anyone who passes by to keep the noise level down. 

7. Alarm Clock

It may seem counter productive to list an alarm clock as a nap essential, but you'll need somewhere to tuck your phone away while sleeping and this alarm clock allows you to charge your phone. It is also essential that you set a time to wake up from your nap so you still have enough time to complete your school work.

The next time you need a break from your crazy, college life, consider taking a nap, but not before grabbing these seven essentials!

 Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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Re'Nyqua Farrington - Nova Southeastern University

Re'Nyqua is the Community Manager who can not let go of her job as a Junior Editor. She is also a sophomore at Nova Southeastern University with a major in English education and a minor in Spanish. When she's not taking herself too seriously, she is often taking the joke too far. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @renyquaa

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