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Feb 13 2017
by Re'Nyqua Farrington

Cash Me Ousside? How Bow No?

By Re'Nyqua Farrington - Feb 13 2017

The first time I saw the "Cash Me Outside" meme, I chuckled. The second time I saw the meme, I laughed. A few days later, Danielle Bregoli and her infamous saying were all over my Facebook feed and I thought I was part of an elite inside joke. I'm even guilty of sending a Bitmoiji of the teen's crazed saying. Then I discovered the Dr. Phil video that started this trend and I went from saying "Cash Me Ousside, How Bow Dah?" to "Cash Me Outside, How 'Bout No?"

via Bitmoji

Danielle Bregoli is a person and she's more than an internet meme. She was brought on the Dr. Phil show to get help and social media certainly did not help with the cause. I'm not writing this to preach down to the tweeters and the Facebook sharers because out of the context, the meme is completely hilarious and the internet is often the birthplace of sensationalized memes. However, once we zoom out of Danielle's meme and learn the behaviors that landed her on the Dr. Phil show, the "Cash Me Ousside" infamy is no longer funny. Danielle is only thirteen years old, yet her mom describes Danielle's behavior as violent and breaks down into tears during conversation with Dr. Phil. As Dr. Phil speaks to Danielle and her mother blows her nose, Danielle loses her temper and lashes out on an audience member (cue the "Cash Me Ousside" saying). What's even more saddening is that instead of resolving her issues, Danielle's reckless behavior and disrespectful attitude have landed her back on the Dr. Phil show, behind TMZ cameras and most recently in a rap music video. 

She seems more fired up than ever and her flippant behavior is either a reflection of Dr. Phil's counseling practices or a result of her newfound internet fame. I'm not sure what Danielle's family or the Dr. Phil show is doing to correct her behaviors, but as an avid Twitter and Facebook user, I'm done sharing the "Cash Me Ousside" meme (even the Bitmoji). The meme celebrates and excuses Danielle's behavior. While the internet may be laughing now, the meme won't be so funny once she lands herself in serious trouble. Danielle had a chance to correct her behavior and she still does, as long as the internet hype stops getting in her way. 

Lead Image Credit: Rico Fox via Flickr Creative Commons

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Re'Nyqua Farrington - Nova Southeastern University

Re'Nyqua is a Nova Southeastern University student, majoring in English education and minoring in Spanish. She began writing for Fresh U in the Summer of 2016 as a contributing writer and later as a staff writer. Re'Nyqua has also served as a junior editor for Fresh U and loved the job so much that she continues editorial work as a part of her duties to make sure everyone here at Fresh U not only feels welcome, but also like they’re part of a team. For more, follow her on Twitter @renyquaa and check out her website

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