Classes, clubs and career paths are just a few of the typical priorities for college students. As these responsibilities pile up, other important personal aspects like health and fitness are easily pushed to the side. For college students, it is seemingly impossible to get a quick, effective workout scheduled in the day. However, with strategic planning and determination, even the busiest college student can find ways to work in an effective workout. Here are seven workouts to get you started, all under 30 minutes. 

1. The 10-Minute Cardio Workout 

There are a couple great features about this workout. Firstly, it is short enough to complete in-between classes or just before a calming shower at the end of the day. It also allows for variety. You can choose to run, bike or swim for this workout. High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) is the essence of what makes this workout so effective. H.I.I.T. relies on short, rapid spurts of energy, and promises to get you sweating and working hard in order to maximize the workout.

2. 10-Minute Strength Training Workout

The perfect follow-up to a H.I.I.T cardio workout such as running, biking or swimming is this 10-minute strength training workout. This workout helps prevent injury and soreness. It requires minimal equipment and can easily be completed at home in a living room or in the tiny quarters of a dorm room. Oh, and the best part: It only takes 10 minutes to complete.

 3. The Seven Minute Workout

These workouts may be getting shorter and shorter, but they certainly do not lose impact. This workout is great because it uses your body weight as the force for the workout. It also calls for a chair and a wall for simple exercises that demand high intensity. There are a total of 12 exercises and instead of relying on sets, you work each exercise for 30 seconds followed by a rest of 10 seconds. 

3. Kickboxing Workout 

Falling just under 12 minutes, this cardio exercise is a fun way to mix up workouts during the week. As you follow along to the YouTube video, you will punch and kick out all the built up stress. You may also learn some new kickboxing jargon along the way, and since kickboxing uses the entire body, it is an effective way to burn calories and get your best workout. Even better, this workout requires no equipment and little space to complete. 

4. The 10-Minute Total Body Strength Training Workout

No workout equipment, no problem. This workout does not require any weights, exercise balls or resistance bands. All that is needed is a chair. YouTuber Jessica Smith goes through two rounds of exercise and even adds suggestions as you build your fitness level. This workout is sure to build strength all over your body.

5. 20-Minute Total Body Strength and Cardio Workout 

Clocking in at 20 minutes, this workout is double the featured time of the 10-minute exercise routines listed previously. As a combination workout, it focuses on strength training and cardio. This is great for college students who may only have time for one workout a day. As you work on total body strength and building endurance through cardio exercises, it helps create an effective workout. Although the workout does call for weights, it is otherwise easy to follow. The video features a range of potential calories burned and a clear voice to help you complete the exercises correctly. 

6. Total Body Strength Training with Dumbbells

Similar to the last workout, this exercise routine targets strength training and tracks a range of potential calories burned. However, this workout focuses on strength training alone, and relies on dumbbells rather than weights. Still, this workout is labeled as a "challenging dynamic superset" and it will certainly have you feeling its impact. As promised, the workout targets the entire body and can be completed in a little over 28 minutes. Compared to previous workouts, 28 minutes may seem long, but keep in mind that it is shorter than a typical TV show. 

7. Dance Workout 

On the YouTube channel superherofitnesstv, Keaira LaShae has several dance videos under 30 minutes to get your blood flowing and your body moving. Keaira's intimate living room setting is motivating for college students. She proves that effective exercise can occur in small spaces. She also has a variety of music genres to suit your tastes like "Hip Hop Tabata," "Fun Latin Soca" and "Reggae Dancehall." This is one workout video that you might want to pull out the speakers for and blast the music. Besides the fitness benefits, you might also learn a new move or two!

Even as you muddle through a busy semester, you can still find time for fitness. There are exercises for runners, swimmers, dancers and even kick boxers. In short, there is a workout for everyone. Even busy college students can schedule in a workout. The key is creativity, because exercising does not always look like an hour on the treadmill. Learn to maximize your time using H.I.I.T and consider fun ways to burn calories like dancing. These seven workouts are just some ways to kick start your fitness journey, and there are plenty more workout routines that fit a busy college lifestyle if you keep searching. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels