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Nov 18 2015
by Ramzi Shatara

The 6 Types of People on Snapchat

By Ramzi Shatara - Nov 18 2015

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your presence on social media says plenty about your personality. The way you use Instagram, Twitter or Facebook can ultimately shape people’s perceptions of you. Are you “that one girl who posts far too many mirror selfies” or are you “that guy who keeps on subtweeting about your break-up in the least subtle of manners”? Now, more than ever, our reputations hinge on what we share on the not-so-safe-privy-to-judgment zone called: the Internet.

The newest venture on the list of “social medias that teenagers woefully abuse and misuse” is Snapchat. In theory, Snapchat seems like a harmless feat. It allows for quick back and forth picture exchanges that are automatically deleted after they are opened. But of course, everyone uses it for a different purpose. This is what your Snapchat says about you:

1. Attention Seeker

You know who you are. You’re the Snapchat user who sends their story to every single person on your list because you like to make sure everyone knows exactly what you’re doing at all times of the day. God forbid, one of your distant acquaintances isn’t informed via a five second picture that you got your tonsils removed! If it’s on your story, chances are, most people are going to see it. And if someone doesn’t see it, then they probably never cared to begin with.

2. Throwback Desperado

This Snapchat user is guilty of putting a black and white filter on literally every picture they send out. It is unclear whether they are trying to emulate Lana Del Rey or they feel they’re simply too hipster for color. A piece of advice: you are not your filter.

3. Décor Enthusiast

I know your type all too well. You’re the Snapchatter who is a little too cozy with the marker tool. You like to draw little hearts all over your picture to give it that extra panache it needs. Sometimes, you’ll even doodle a crazy new hair color or cartoon-like lips onto your face because you just have THAT much free time.

4. Uncontrollable Foodie

Thank you, kind Snapchat addict, for sending me a picture of every single desert you’ve ever devoured--before you’ve devoured it. Life is a never-ending slideshow of cheesecakes and brownies with you. I just have one pressing question that I need to ask: What do fellow restaurant goers do/say when they see you excitedly take pictures of your food?

5. Indie Filmmaker

These Snapchatters live under the false impression that their lives are movies that just have to be captured for the world to see: the types who only send videos. I’d rather watch clips of caterpillars in their cocoon than get another shaky hand-held video of you “at the club”…again. 

6. Pretentious Poet

You’re the absolute worst. Yes, my dear Snapchatter, you transcend them all. You always have a cheesy song lyric or awfully overused quote accompany your picture. I don’t understand how the caption “enthusiasm moves the world” has anything to do with your selfie… Stop taking everything so seriously and NEVER write a novel. 

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Ramzi Shatara - New York University

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