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Sep 18 2016
by Rafael Franco

8 Signs That You're a Freshman

By Rafael Franco - Sep 18 2016

Being a freshman comes stereotypes. Loads and LOADS of stereotypes.  Some are understandable, some are just plain silly, but they are all quite typically freshman-associated.  Do you identify with any of these?

1. You wear a lanyard.

Lanyards are typically "freshmen only" gear apparently...Why? I have no clue, but they are.


2. You wear the free t-shirts.

Because nothing screams "freshman" like wearing a free t-shirt right? There's nothing wrong with wearing what you want... After all, everything is better when it's free!


3. You hang out in the most “touristy” part of campus.

Hey--so you like hanging out where all of the tourists are. So? You do you. 


4. You look lost.

This one is obvious. If you’re walking around in circles and need to ask someone for directions, you’re definitely a freshman. We've all been there!

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5. You dress nice to class

College students are busy. But only freshmen have the patience to dress nice in such a crazy environment. I suppose you get more lazy as the years go by.


6. You took an 8 A.M.

Guilty. Though there are a few upper classmen also take 8 A.M. classes, only freshmen sign up willingly. The early bird gets the worm though, am I right?


7. You take the elevator.

This one is pretty common. College students like to struggle, and taking the stairs to the dorms is a prime example.


8. You use a tray.

Again, college students like to struggle. Is this some type of training for the real world that I didn’t get the memo about? Either way, only the freshmen use trays. In the end of the day, freshmen stay winning for carrying their food comfortably in their plate and not juggling it like the older students.


Being a freshman isn’t bad — everyone’s been there. But people usually identify freshmen based on stereotypical labels. See if you can catch yourself or your new friends doing any of these things.

Lead Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studios

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Rafael Franco - University of California, Los Angeles

Rafael is an English major at University of California-Los Angeles. He is a huge New England Patriots fan, Spider-Man enthusiast, and Batman fan (hey, that rhymes). Some of his hobbies include playing the sousaphone, aka the tuba, "Netflixing", and reading. Most of all, though, he loves to write, which is why he is ecstatic to have found Fresh U! Follow him on twitter at @thatguyRAFA if you like his content!

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