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Sep 25 2016
by Rafael Franco

6 Ways The Quarter System Beats The Semester System

By Rafael Franco - Sep 25 2016

College can be frightening and it can be even more frightening when you are attending a college that takes the typical high school learning period of 36 weeks and turns it into a mere 10 weeks, AKA the quarter system. 

Since most colleges and universities are under the semester system, which mind you is more slow-paced than the quarter system, students often overlook how fabulously the quarter system is set up. Some will even opt to go to schools under the semester system due to fear of a faster life. Truthfully, the quarter system is anything but scary. Here's why.

1. It Helps Prepare You For The Working World

The truth is that once the school year has started under the quarter system, it will be relentless. Though this initially seems intimidating, it is actually benevolent, because this is what employers look for - people who are not afraid of putting in a bit of extra work in a smaller amount of time. The quarter system is training for that selective job you want to get after you graduate.

2. You Get To Take More Classes

The quarter system allows a wider variety in classes. Most people under the semester system take around 4-6 classes as compared to 3-5 under the quarter system. This allows for there to be more classes taken by a student under the quarter system (around 9-15 per year) compared to the 8-12 per year of a student in enrolled in the semester system. This means quarter system students expand their horizons and learn about things that could be useful or things that be just plain interesting.

3. You Find Yourself

Enrolling in the quarter system can also mean finding what you truly love to do. With all of the available courses, quarter system students are bound to find something that they are passionate about, inside and outside of their declared major. Though this may not necessarily be good for your wallet, it is worth it in the long run - after all, this is what you will be doing for the rest of your life.

  • 4. It Helps You Work On Time Management

  • The quarter system can be grueling, so it can be tough setting out personal leisure time. But if you have a plan and stick to it, free time will pop up. This is a skill that can be used for a lifetime, giving quarter system students an edge over the rest of the population.

5. Quarter System Students Rarely Get Homesick

Quarter system students are always busy... ALWAYS. Once classes begin, they don't have the time to be thinking about home or sobbing over how much they miss their dog.  The free time that they do have they use to have fun and get the college experience, not to mourn.

6. The Quarter System Gives You Confidence

Students who graduate from a school under the quarter system should be particularly proud. Operating under the quarter system causes blood, sweat and tears to be put into schoolwork, so the students know that if they can graduate from a school that is said to be under a ridiculously difficult system, then they are ready to tackle the outside world. 

Students often say that the quarter system can be hindering and exorbitantly difficult, but that is simply not true. Though the quarter system does push students more than the semester system, it is completely possible to obtain more benefits from it. The opportunities are simply endless.  

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Rafael Franco - University of California, Los Angeles

Rafael is an English major at University of California-Los Angeles. He is a huge New England Patriots fan, Spider-Man enthusiast, and Batman fan (hey, that rhymes). Some of his hobbies include playing the sousaphone, aka the tuba, "Netflixing", and reading. Most of all, though, he loves to write, which is why he is ecstatic to have found Fresh U! Follow him on twitter at @thatguyRAFA if you like his content!

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