The college years are a very difficult time in our lives. Not only are they a time of transition, which is stressful in and of itself, but we have many responsibilities. Work, school, family, friends, relationships, and more compete for our attention, while some people have additional challenges like mental health issues. One relatively easy way to reduce stress is to get in touch with your inner child! Read on for some helpful tips!

1) Binge Your Favorite Cartoons

My favorite childhood cartoon was, hands down, Arthur. Whenever I'm feeling particularly stressed, I head over to YouTube and watch a classic episode. My stress goes away and I'm temporarily transported back to young childhood. 

2) Color

As an adult, you have so many more coloring options than you did as a kid. You can print out coloring pages from the internet, buy an adult or children's coloring book, or even draw your own pictures to color in. There are some advantages to adulthood, after all.

3) Eat Your Favorite Snacks

We all have snacks from our childhood we haven't eaten in years (mine are Zebra Cakes and Fruit by the Foot). You'd be surprised how eating a favorite childhood brings back so many obscure memories and feelings.

4) Look at Old Photos

This is a lot easier than it used to be, seeing as so many of our parents have digitally scanned them. It can definitely be embarrassing to go through these. However, you just might see an old friend you've completely forgot about or a toy you've spent years looking for. It's worth a try!

5) Laugh

Although the exact figure is disputed, many experts agree kids laugh WAY more than adults. Laughing is a great way to feel happier and reduce stress. So, take some time out of your day to watch Vines or your favorite comedian. You'll be glad you did.

6) Dream 

Little kids often have high expectations for themselves. When I was in second grade, my expected career trajectory was professional soccer player, first person on Mars, President of the USA and then librarian in my retirement. Obviously, my goals aren't quite so lofty now. However, dreaming about the future is healthy. It's helped me reconnect with the hope I had as a young child. 

College life is far from easy. With all the responsibilities we have to juggle, it's no wonder our stress levels are dangerously high. However, one say way to reduce stress is reconnecting with your inner child. I guarantee that, for a few minutes at least, life will seem brighter.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels