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May 10 2017
by Rachel Morgan

The Underwhelming Reality of Prom

By Rachel Morgan - May 10 2017

You dreamed of it since you were young. No, it's not your wedding. It's prom. The most magical night of all of high school, or at least that's what everyone who hasn't gone to prom thinks.

Let me give it to you straight, prom kind of sucks. I said it. Yes, getting your hair and makeup done is super fun and picking out a fancy dress is a dream come true. Buying your ticket, getting a date and ordering a corsage is fun, until it's not. In reality, prom comes with more stress than it is worth, in my humble yet entirely important opinion.

For my particular high school, we have two formals: one for the juniors (prom) and one for the seniors (ball). My senior ball is coming up in the next few weeks, however I attended both the junior prom and the senior ball last year, so I have quite a bit of experience under my belt when it comes to these kinds of formals (which means you should definitely trust my opinion).

Prom and/or ball is not what any teenage movie says. Not everyone loses their virginity on prom night. Not everyone's dress or makeup or hair is perfect. Not everyone goes with their boyfriend, or even their crush for that matter. The majority of my peers are taking friends to ball in the next upcoming weeks. I can, with confidence, state that as of May 20, I will have attended three separate high school formals with friends as my dates. GASP! I know, I know, I'm not Gabriella from High School Musical or Ariel from Footloose, who attended their special nights with their respective dream guys. But these films contributed to my, and presumably other girls', stress. For me, I decided not to care after getting asked by a friend, however the stress that comes with getting a date persisted regardless. And for this particular strain of stress, I declare prom to be not worth it.

Also, for the excessive amount of money that prom/ball costs, it should have more to show for itself. Let me tell you something: the dress, the tux, the corsage, the boutonniere, the tickets, the shoes, the hair and the makeup are all SO expensive. With prom, it is possible to cut corners, however most of the time, us high school students fall into the trap of paying high prices for dresses that we will wear once and tuxes that have to be returned two days later. For the amount of fun that I ended up receiving from the event, the high price tag wasn't worth it. Movies make it seem simple to find a dress the day of and skip to prom like it's no big deal. Truth: it is a BIG deal. 

Regardless of my horrible and pessimistic outlook of prom, it is still the night to remember that every movie says it is. While it is expensive, and no prom is exactly picture perfect, it is still prom. All of the stress and the imperfections that come along with prom are, in my opinion, part of the quintessential high school experience. So what if it is expensive? So what if you don't get to any base with your date? It's prom. Throw caution to the wind and have fun. After all, it's probably the only chance you will have to experience promposal stress in your life. 

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Rachel Morgan - University of Washington

I will be attending the University of Washington as part of the Class of 2021. I am entirely excited to document my adventures in Seattle, as I am a Bay Area girl at heart. I am planning on majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism, as well as minoring in Business Administration.

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