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Dec 06 2017
by Rachel Malaga

Frat Parties as Told By Parks and Recreation

By Rachel Malaga - Dec 06 2017
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Frat parties are an experience unique to college students. The best way to show just how crazy these parties can be is through GIFs from the hit-TV show 'Parks and Recreation.'

1. Meeting Drunk Girls in the Bathroom

Drunk girls are by far the nicest girls. Every time I walk into a frat house bathroom, I am met with girls complimenting me, even though I had never met them. 

2. Drunk Guys Hitting on You

While drunk girls are the type best people, drunk guys are some of the worst. The most awkward experience is when a guy asks your name over the loud music. These typically drunk guys will try to introduce themselves at least three times because they forget they already met you.

3. The Crazy Dancing

Fun dancing, laser lights and loud music? Sign me up. There is no better energy than 100 college students dancing in tight quarters.

4. Your Friend Says They're Fine (They Aren't)

I have been the party mom too many times to count, and I have always had the friend who insists they are fine. In reality, they are NOT fine, and I usually drag them into an Uber to go home.

5. Too Much PDA

There are always those couples on the dance floor who take things a little too far. Some PDA is fine, but there is a limit. Nobody seems to follow typical PDA rules at frat parties.

Despite all the wacky personalities, frat parties are an event that every college student should experience at least once.

Lead Image Credit: NBC Production Company 

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Rachel Malaga - University of Utah

Rachel is a Musical Theatre major at the University of Utah. She loves cats, knitting, and naps, and is often told she has the soul of an old woman. She hopes to one day live with many cats in New York City! Instagram: @rachelmalaga

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