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Dec 02 2016
by Rachel Loia

The 5 Phases of Missing Your Pet While At College

By Rachel Loia - Dec 02 2016

For most of the people I know, myself included, the number one cause for homesickness is often because of animals that have had to be left behind. Basically, college students miss their pets. There are reasons why therapy pets exist: they can turn around anyone's mood. It is also nothing to be ashamed of. If you were to openly ask me about how much my animals mean to me I would honestly admit that they are my little children and also that I legitimately consider myself their mom. I wish I was kidding.

After talking to my friends who feel similarly to how I do I have come to the conclusion that, like most psychology phenomenons, there are multiple stages of missing your pets. So these are the 5 Stages of Missing Your Pet While at College that those of us who have pets unfortunately know all too well. 

1. Forgetting that they won't be in your room

Getting back from class and thinking the your poodle is on your bed, when in reality it's a pile of stuffed animals. Seeing something out of the corner of your eye, automatically deciding it's your cat, but it's really guessed it...another stuffed animal. 


2. Telling yourself you're okay without them

In the mirror you try and give yourself a pep talk. "You can handle this. Just focus on your work. You don't need your animals to to get things done and be productive. Responsible is your middle name." 


3. Crying a little bit

Though you'd never admit it you let out a few tears, maybe in the shower or late at night in bed, because the emptiness in your heart is unavoidable. It's alright. It happens to all of us at some point (or in my case every night). 


4. Making your family let you video chat with your pets

My mom knows that if I'm facetiming her it's only to see my cats. In fact, one of my roommates, Sarah, captured this picture of me (featured below) on her Snapchat, summing up this exact point. The common reaction from my friends is to either put it on their story or saying "Rachel and that f*cking cat." I'm not even ashamed. 

Credit to Sarah

5. Realizing after the previous stages that it's almost time for break (aka a reunion)

There's no way to describe how it feels to see your pets after weeks of being apart. So hold on, you can make it! You'll be back in no time to give them all the cuddles (if you can cuddle your pet) and/or love in the world that both of you missed so much. 


To give you a better picture here is my reuniting with my cat. 

Pets are so precious. Don't ever let anyone mock you for missing them. Remember at the end of the day that your little buddies probably miss you almost as much as you miss them. And don't be ashamed to talk/video chat with them on the phone. Your roommate(s) may mock you, but hey, at least you get to remind your dog, cat, bird, turtle, rabbit, etc. that they are still your best friend even from miles away. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Rachel Loia - Ramapo College

Rachel is a freshman studying biology at Ramapo College of New Jersey. She also loves writing and uses it as an excuse to not do schoolwork. Instagram: @rachloia

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