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Jan 21 2017
by Rachel Loia

The 10 Thoughts Everyone Has at the Beginning of the Semester

By Rachel Loia - Jan 21 2017

So we all have these repetitive thoughts when the semester first begins — thoughts to try and keep a positive perspective even though the sudden feeling of gloom and treachery is approaching. We've had this happen since before college, and the process seems to evolve over time with each new life chapter that is opened. Now that freshman year is half way over, a new pattern is slowly emerging and here's what I've gathered so far. 

1. "This semester I will get better grades."

Nothing better than trying to push yourself to do the best you can. Those high hopes are the best way to start off your classes.

2. "No more excessive socializing."

Seriously. Limit how many times you go out. You know there's more productive things you should be doing. 

3. "Sleep is not going to happen no matter what I do."

You can get into bed at 8 PM or sleep until noon. The fact of the matter is you will always have to sacrifice sleep the next night for some the current night. It's a give and take my friend. 

4. "Maybe I'll start eating better..."

When you realize your diet is so bad that Michelle Obama would be so disappointed so you promise to eat better. (Most of the time you just end up getting pizza because it's easier, but eh.)

5. "...and working out." 

This one's just not going to happen. Don't even think about it.

6. "Nevermind. All I have in my dorm is Ramen." 

You're in college. You're broke. How can you eat healthy when your bank account has a whopping $3 in it? Fruit costs way too much nowadays. 

7. "I have to attend every class, even if I'm sick." 

Ha. Ha. Ha. 

8. "My room will be clean most of the time."

You want a good environment so you feel good when you're in your room. Obviously you get busy and messes happen, but you promise yourself that you won't let it get too bad. Then again, you could just shove everything out of eyesight. 

9. "Dirty clothes will only stay on my floor for two weeks maximum." 

Seriously, it makes your clothes gross and laundry day so much worse when you have a month's worth of dirty socks. 

10. "I'll call my family at least every day." 

They do so much for you and you love them beyond words. Also, who else is going to slip me $20 when I'm desperate. 

Here's to a good first semester!

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Rachel Loia - Ramapo College

Rachel is a freshman studying biology at Ramapo College of New Jersey. She also loves writing and uses it as an excuse to not do schoolwork. Instagram: @rachloia

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