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Nov 15 2016
by Rachel Loia

Try Making This DIY Cheap Dorm Room Fireplace (Without Fire)

By Rachel Loia - Nov 15 2016
So when I first set out to on this project I was thinking, "Yes! This will be amazing!" I did not know how hard it would be to make a DIY fireplace without fire for my dorm room. In fact, my five roommates all laughed for about a good ten minutes while I struggled to make it look as close to a fireplace as I possible could. To be fair, this is the best I could do on such short notice in the midst of exams and such, especially considering I have a good $5 in my bank account. 

So here you have it. How to make a fireplace without fire. 

1. Put on the holidays jams.

Rachel Loia

2. Gather the supplies you'll need.

Rachel Loia

A box, a Sharpie, tape, fake candles, chalkboard paper (or black construction paper) and batteries. 

3. Tape (or glue...honestly, glue probably would've been better) the paper onto the box.

Rachel Loia

I started with taping the back of the inside of the box. This was tricky to do by myself so I recruited my suite-mate Kim to help. We then proceeded to cover the box and tape the flaps back. You can obviously cut them off, but we weren't sure what we wanted to do yet. Use the Sharpie to color the tape if it's too shiny. 

4. Set the candles inside of the box.

Put them in the middle. Give it a fire type vibe. The candles I bought flicker so they really look like a flame (or the best you can achieve without actual fire). I have a remote for my candles as well so I can sit comfortably in my chair while changing the settings of my beautiful fire. 

5. Add some sticks for an extra effect.

Kim accompanied me outside to collect sticks off the ground and then proceeded to help me break them up and set them in the box. It was an interesting adventure if I do say so myself. My friend Pat ended up rearranging them to look more natural, but it was a bit difficult, all things considered.

6. Decorate your "mantel."

We added cute touches from our common room to the top to cover the taped paper and make it a little more classy. We didn't plan on using it in the sunlight so the little imperfections just gave it character. 

Rachel Loia

The end result.

Rachel Loia

To my surprise, everyone that has come to see my fake fireplace has either gotten a good laugh from it or really enjoyed it. It's not perfect, but it's funny and the epitome of a college student's life. 

I'm proud to sit by it at night and work on my Fresh U articles! 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Rachel Loia - Ramapo College

Rachel is a freshman studying biology at Ramapo College of New Jersey. She also loves writing and uses it as an excuse to not do schoolwork. Instagram: @rachloia

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