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Dec 05 2016
by Rachel Loia

10 'Adulting' Gifts for the College Student

By Rachel Loia - Dec 05 2016

There are so many items that college students need yet still seem to not want to buy. It's now a personal responsibility to purchase them and let's be real — money is scarce and valuable so spending it on cleaning supplies is something we still expect our mothers to do. This outlook is all a part of growing up and learning to become 

If you know and love a college student, here are some really great presents you can give to them for holidays, birthdays, or graduation to help them out with this little problem. And yes, you would think we wouldn't appreciate them as presents, but you will be thanked later. Trust me. 

1. Detergent

This stuff is expensive! The first time I bought it myself I actually cringed at the price. One bottle neared ten dollars, and that was the cheapest one at Target. As I was checking out I thought to myself, "Wow I could buy so many dollar section items instead of this." 

Buy it here

2. Super Market Gift Card

Every college student loves do you think the freshman fifteen became a thing? Even with meal plans there is still a desire to snack or have obscene amounts of ramen under your bed. A gift card to a grocery store means no reckless spending at the next mall trip. It's foolproof. 

Buy one here

3. Blankets

Blankets are everything. They're warm and cozy; not to mention they're much needed for when random guests stay the night (it happens more often than you would think). Also, as winter is approaching, everyone wants to cuddle up with a good blanket and some hot's a thing. 

Check out this selection of blankets

4. Broom or Dust Buster

The rug in my room hasn't been vacuumed since we moved in. It's bad. While I knew during the summer I should have gotten a dust buster, I told myself that I needed the cute notebooks more. This is why a broom or a dust buster, depending on what kind of flooring the college student has, could be a very useful gift. 

Buy one here

5. Sheets

Sheets get disgusting pretty quickly. Also quality sheets are something everyone needs in their life when they spend most of the day writing papers and studying for seems like an endless amount of tests. 

Buy sheets here

6. Area Rug

This is a great way to spice up a dorm room, but they can get expensive for those of us living off of twenty dollars a week or less. If you know a college students style and that they're lacking one, maybe a rug is the perfect gift for them. 

Buy a rug here

7. Jar for Tears

It might just be me, but I need this. Mom, if you're reading this, please. 

8. Money for Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive. Ridiculously expensive. Despite what a lot of people think, some college students pay for them on their own. A great way to help them adult is to give them money specifically for textbooks (maybe even a gift card to Chegg or Amazon) so they can focus on their work rather than worry about their finances. 

9. Luxurious Soap

I have never appreciated nice soap as I do now. Specifically the kind from Bath and Body Works. That stuff is so nice and smells delicious. 

Check out this soap

10. Heater

Make sure they're allowed to have it in their dorm first. Some rooms can get very cold, especially if it's an old building with really poor heating. A little heater might be really helpful. 

Check out this space heater

Despite what you might think, these gifts would be much appreciated it. Trust me, I went around my floor asking the kids what "adulting" gifts they wanted and these were some of the more popular results I got. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Rachel Loia - Ramapo College

Rachel is a freshman studying biology at Ramapo College of New Jersey. She also loves writing and uses it as an excuse to not do schoolwork. Instagram: @rachloia

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