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Sep 08 2017
by Rachel Aslan

8 Things College Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

By Rachel Aslan - Sep 08 2017

Girls are used to being the center of interrogation. For most of us, it's about the same things: our families decide to team up and dig through our life during the holidays, guys use the same pickup lines constantly and people have set gender roles that we as a society haven't been able to get past. This can really get under someone's skin, but it's also something that unites us all. We'll get together with our friends to vent and realize that we all can relate to each other's experiences. 

Here are eight things most girls are tired of hearing:

1. "When are you bringing home a boyfriend?"

...because the reason we are deep in student loans isn't to grow up, find a career and live our own lives; it is so we can bring some guy to introduce to our family who will then think of every single way to embarrass us. Is it really that unlikely that a person wants to focus on their work and not deal with the drama of a relationship? Aren't we told not to let a man define us? Being a strong, independent woman should not be this much of a shocker in 2017.

2. "You tryna chill?"

First off, it is trying to... tryna is not a word. If I was trying to see you, you would know. There would be a missed call, a new text message, DM or snap. If you do not see any of these things, I am not 'tryna' do anything with you. Besides, if I was going to be chilling with any guy they would have better grammar. Use your high school education please! 

3. "Why are(n't) you on Tinder?"

Some girls wish that dating stuck to the old romance movies where a guy would chase after a girl at a carnival, fall in love and they would live happily ever after. Some girls want to make the first move when they see someone who is cute in public. Some girls don't feel like doing either and like the convenience of online dating and Tinder dates. Being in a new school in a new place can be a lot and sometimes we just want to meet new people. Everyone is different! If it does not affect you, do not judge other girls' dating habits. 

4. "You have a fat ass."

Yes, we know we have nice assets but expand your vocabulary please and thank you. We are all adults now, let's show our maturity and be more creative. Boys, we are finally starting to move past fat shaming. Please keep up with the times!

5. "Tattoos aren't feminine."

Just like anything pink is "only" for girls. Our bodies are our own bodies. We all clearly treat our bodies differently and that is okay. Your body is your canvas that you can decorate however you want. You can leave it blank. You can cover it in makeup. You can put it in a dress, sweatpants, a bathing suit... whatever you want to wear. You can pierce it however you want. It is your body. Girls can have whatever tattoos they want and look just as sexy doing it as boys do.

6. "Isn't _______ a male dominated field?"

Isn't one of the first lessons we teach kids to be a leader and not a follower? It wouldn't make much sense to put ourselves in debt to be just like everybody else. So yes, I may end up being the only woman in my workplace, but I will be the best person in my workplace.

7. "Wow, you're a girl that works out?"

...and you are a guy, what else is new? I enjoy being a strong, independent woman in every way and most ladies I know do too. Everybody works out for their own reasons. Some people do it for defense. Some people do it for therapy. Others just want to look hot. Some are all of the above. No matter the reason, the gym is for everyone!

8. "You are too pretty to _____."

Since when is being pretty and talented a bad thing? Saying that somebody is too pretty to listen to a music genre or too pretty to be sporty is not a compliment. It is ridiculous and insulting. If you are jealous that you can't be attractive and talented, that is your problem, not mine. Nobody is ever too pretty to do anything!

All girls are not the exact same person. We all live our lives differently. We all make different choices. We are individuals.

Lead Image: Rachel Aslan

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Rachel Aslan - Marymount Manhattan College

Rachel Aslan (she/her/hers) is a Photography and Communication Arts major at Marymount. She loves fashion, concerts, and photography (of course). She plans to pursue fashion advertising.

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