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Jul 31 2017
by Rachel Aslan

5 People To Make Amends With Before Leaving For College

By Rachel Aslan - Jul 31 2017

The transition from high school to college is very exciting. However, it can also be really scary. Independence is an important thing, but everybody needs help from time to time and that is OK. This is why it is important to not burn every last bridge in an attempt for a fresh start.

1. Your Parents

Everyone argues with their parents in high school. We get mad when we have to change our outfit. We get mad when we can't go to a party. We get mad when we get grounded for getting bad grades. Now that you are going into college, those reasons are not important anymore. As you begin adulting, you are going to need someone to call when you need help cooking, doing your laundry and managing finances.

2. The longtime friend you dropped over a crush.

Friends always fight about relationships. Sometimes you and your bestie have the same crush. Sometimes you or your bestie gets into a new relationship where the other feels left behind. Most of the time, when one friend tries to tell the other something negative about their new boyfriend or girlfriend, it ends in a fight. A high school fling is no reason to end a friendship that started back when you were learning to ride bikes. Just make up already, because you are going to need each other to get through college.

3. The teacher who inspired you to chose your major.

Some people love to visit their high school after college. Some people erase those four years completely from their memory. Most people have that one teacher that really inspired them. They are a great contact to keep. They give great advice, and you never know when you will need a recommendation.

4. The friend who turned into your brother/sister.

It's important to not forget about your day ones as you embark on your new journey. When you feel like you can't go to your blood family about something you did over the weekend or a problem you had in class, you know they will never judge you. No matter how far you guys are, once summer vacation comes, it will feel like neither of you ever left. These are the types of friendships that last a lifetime.

5. Your Siblings

Yes, you get at each other's throats, but you can't expect anything less. Of course you will always be fighting... you only lived together for your whole life up to this point. Older siblings are especially an important contact to keep in college. They have likely gone through everything you are going through already. You can call them and ask what to do without getting a long speech from a parent about responsibility. At the end of the day, you love each other and you know it!

A strong support system is one of the most important things a person can have; not only in college, but in life. Many ties will be cut throughout your life. Many friendships will be lost and you will get in many arguments. However, in your heart, you will know which relationships are real and forever. These are the people you want to keep by your side.

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Rachel Aslan - Marymount Manhattan College

Rachel Aslan (she/her/hers) is a Photography and Communication Arts major at Marymount. She loves fashion, concerts, and photography (of course). She plans to pursue fashion advertising.

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