Living in a small space means that every decoration has to be carefully selected and serve a reasonable purpose. Feeling at home when you’re so far away can be hard, but having killer decorations can help to create the perfect vibe. 

1. Diffusers

Both essential oil and reed diffusers are great to keep in dorm rooms in order to keep the room smelling fresh. Scents can be soothing and can help make the room feel cleaner.  Adding a few drops of lavender and lemon oil or waiting for the reeds to waft their scent in the room can instantly give your dorm the boost it needs. Get an essential oil diffuser for only $16.95.

2. Polaroids

Having a Polaroid camera in college is great for documenting fun times and perfect for hanging prints around the room. Using multi-colored and printed film is a cool way to add color to your walls. Printing cute pics before a night out or taking silly selfies with friends is necessary for Instagram and for wall or door decor.  Save up and get one for $59.00.

3. Empty Candle Holders

Although you may not be allowed to light candles in the dorm, you can buy empty candles online or light the candles at home and bring the holders back to school. Empty candles are perfect for putting lip glosses, q-tips and pencils and pens in. Instead of buying the basic plastic Bed Bath & Beyond organizers, opt for something more creative and colorful. 

Photo credit: Rachael Rosenthal

4. Succulents 

Plants not only provide oxygen to clean the air, but add life to what can feel like a claustrophobic environment. Succulents are perfect because they do not need to be watered and are small enough to fit on your desk. They can even be put in an empty candle holder. Get this collection of five for $13.99.

5. Picture Frames

Displaying pictures of your friends and family is fun for visitors to look at and will make you happy. Getting picture frames that coordinate with your color scheme will definitely up your dorm room game. Putting a miniature frame on your bedside table or a bigger frame on top of your bureau will tie everything together. 

6. Cheap Art

Making your room feel fancy and luxurious can be difficult and expensive. Finding cheap prints and artwork fills up wall space and makes your dorm more like an apartment. Prints with funny sayings and art that is just a color or a picture of flowers will make your space more inviting. You can find cool prints on Amazon for under $2!

7. Decorative Piggy Banks

Saving money in college can be hard, but having a metallic skull or gold buddha to house your extra nickels and dimes can make it easier! Instead of endlessly ordering crop tops and chokers, take your time to get inspired and save the purchase for the end of the semester when your trendy piggy bank is full.  

8. Mirror Wall Stickers

Mirrors add dimension to the room and can make the room appear larger than it really is. Mirror stickers come in trendy shapes like stars and the classic shapes circles. Because they're easily stuck to the walls and removed at the end of the semester, mirror wall stickers are a no brainer. Putting some above your bed or around your desk can ensure your dorm, and your makeup, are perfect. Check out this set for $7.99.

9. Himalayan Sea Salt Lamps

Let's face it, dorm room lighting is not ideal. Having extra sources of light are necessary to brighten the room. Himalayan sea salt lamps are an amazing option for extra light because they also purify the air and work to kill the bad vibes through producing negative ions. They're great for bedside tables as a night light and can be dimmed to fulfill any lighting situation. Get one for $20!

Photo credit: Rachael Rosenthal

Dorms have many roles to fulfill. They're where you sleep, where you hangout and where you may eat and study. Having a room that provides good energy is key and these decorations will help you achieve your own dorm room goals. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash